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RAVEN Core Funding

RAVEN stands alongside Indigenous Peoples on the key legal​ battlefronts in Canada. In 2015, our donors and fundraisers raised an amazing $592,000 for seven nations along the Northern Gateway Pipeline route. The Pull Together campaign engaged thousands of people across Canada to fundraise, donate, and organize events in support of these legal cases. Together with Treaty 8 Nations, we held off the destruction of the majority of ​eagle nests along the Peace River, under threat from the Site C Dam. We are committed to support the Beaver Lake Cree in reining in tar sands expansion on indigenous land in Alberta. And, this August, we stepped in to support the Madii Lii House of the Gitxsan Nation, who launched a legal challenge to an LNG pipeline that would imperil salmon on the Skeena River.

These strategic legal challenges are game changers: in all of these cases, evidence is being gathered, baseline studies done, and precious cultural knowledge preserved at a time when environmental legislation and regulatory frameworks have been gutted. 

One thing we realized in our five years? We cannot continue our great work in supporting these critical cases if we do not invest in our own sustainability. We appreciate that you may have previously donated to one of our campaigns, and we are grateful for your support. 

RAVEN is the ONLY organization in Canada that provides legal defence funds for First Nations.  We are having a direct and powerful impact on the ability of First Nations to access justice. We operate with a minimal staff team and keep administrative allocations below 15% so that more funds raised go directly to the legal costs of the nations. We can only do this if a core group of donors are willing to support our real costs, which are frugal. Check out RAVEN’s boardroom/kitchen/staff offices/reception area/file storage/fancy lighting:


Our mission is strong and we need help, consistent help, to carry on fundraising for the Indigenous Peoples who fight for the land we all love. Your investment in RAVEN makes it possible for this top-notch fundraising team to support Indigenous Peoples in Canada who are committed to defending the integrity of their traditional lands, culture and livelihoods.

Join RAVEN to back the First Nations who are fighting to protect the land and water for the future of all of our children.

RAVEN - Donate Now

When Indigenous Peoples go before the courts to defend their rights, they also stand to protect the integrity of the land, water and air that we all depend upon. Very often the nations must fight resource extraction corporations with very deep pockets. Your monthly donation, no matter what size, will help Indigenous Peoples access fair and equitable representation in the courts, and help to make these legal battles a fair fight.

Susan Smitten,

RAVEN Executive Director

Thank you for your actions to support Indigenous Peoples equitable access to justice, to healthy land and water, and to our abundant shared future. We couldn’t do this without you.

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