Salmon Nation launches Edge Prize grant.

Salmon Nation is launching the Edge Prize, which aims to support individuals and organizations working on solutions for their communities, and for the bioregion as a whole.

We live in Salmon Nation, a beautiful, rich, and diverse bioregion. Here and beyond, in spite of the
challenges of climate change and cascading system failure, there is so much to be hopeful about. The Edge Prize has a simple premise: supporting what already works in the Salmon Nation bioregion — from the north slope of Alaska to Northern California.

The Edge Prize is an invitation to all those working on solutions. It’s an invitation to those who are growing healthy communities and ecosystems in the bioregion; to those finding what already works, ready to share their knowledge and have it replicated. elsewhere.

Successful applicants to the Edge Prize can:

  • Access workshops, courses and other information-sharing opportunities to support practical considerations, scaling and improving of current initiatives.
  • Connect with others working on practical solutions elsewhere in the bioregion.
  • Win cash prizes to support their initiatives from $500 —
  • Access mentorships with esteemed, award-winning experts across multiple fields.

The purpose is to elevate the stories of people who are restoring nature and preserving culture, whether that’s through traditional and Indigenous methods of living well in place, or novel and technical approaches.

More information — and how to apply — can be found at

The 2023 Edge Prize includes $85,000 USD of cash prizes for a variety of winners in various categories. The prizes are chosen by a combination of Salmon Nation Trustees and members of the Edge Prize community.

Deadline to apply is February 1st!

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