United Against Racism March 21

Today, March 21 2019, the world will #UniteAgainstRacism.

Just as our movement thrives from diversity, care for the Earth and strong relationships across cultures, the movement to deny climate emergency allies itself with the forces of polarization, fear and neglect for our fellow beings.

The perpetrator of Friday’s horrific Mosque attack in New Zealand was a product of a corner of the Internet that spews hate and aims to foment division.

Says Atiya Jaffar of 350.org, “Friday’s tragedy affirmed for me that in our fight for climate justice, we must confront this rise of racism. We know that climate change impacts black, Indigenous and people of colour — particularly in the global south — first and hardest.”

Here in Canada, we know the fossil fuel industry and the politics that prop it up run roughshod over Indigenous Rights. Witness the Beaver Lake Cree, 80% of whose territory has been taken up by industry, rendering their treaty rights to hunt, fish, and practice their culture next to meaningless. Or watch the Heiltsuk Nation, now forced to go to court to seek accountability from regulators asleep at the wheel in the wake of the Nathan E. Stewart spill.

There is no justice for the Earth without justice for the people of the land.

With RAVEN, we’ve felt the power of standing together as strong allies to uphold a shared commitment to future generations. We’ve helped stop pipelines, pushed back against open pit mining and protected millions of acres of wild lands by providing access to justice for Indigenous Peoples. As the ones most vulnerable to a changing climate, Indigenous Peoples also hold to laws and traditions that hold the wisdom we need, right now, to forge a new relationship with the Earth and with one another.

This Thursday, on the International Day for the Elimination of Racism, let’s walk forward, together.  Our friends with Migrant Rights Network are coordinating actions across the country. Find one near you or sign up to host one.

On the same day that a lone gunman stole the lives of 50 innocent Muslims, millions of school aged children flooded the streets in the largest global climate mobilization EVER. This river of hope overwhelms hate: when our own kids insist on action and are leading the way, how can we allow fear to get in the way of the boldest, most loving action we are capable of?

We’re so grateful for the RAVEN community. Please reach out on March 21 — and every day — to #UniteAgainstRacism.

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