A Joyful Sunday Dance Party with Ciranda

On a hot, sunny afternoon on Salt Spring Island, the streets rang out with the sounds of samba thanks to a very special visit by Brazilian inspired sextet Ciranda. Hailing from as far as Japan and as close as Vancouver, the 6 member band was joined by local Cuban percussionist Jose Sanchez, along with Samba du Soleil who opened the event with a raucous drum circle.

There’s really nothing to compare to dancing and celebrating together with great music and good people. While we could have been sailing, kayaking or lounging on the beach, instead we drew together to the lovely Mateada – an island venue that is quickly establishing itself as a Mecca for amazing live music and fine beverages. RAVEN is grateful to the Mateada and their staff (shout outs to Tommy and Janna!) for opening the space for this special event that raised just over $1000 for RAVEN.

Big thanks to the musicians, dancers, and hosts at the Mateada for making this such a special day. It’s so rewarding to bring people together to support Indigenous rights: by doing what we love, we can also step up as allies and supporters to bring justice to peoples, lands and waters for future generations.

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