A Pull Together House Party in Washington

It was a lovely evening as old and new friends convened at Carrie’s house for an evening of discussion and greater comprehension of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline and its fierce resistance: The Pull Together Movement. With a lovely feast, and hot tea, folks settled down to learn more about the implications of this potential pipeline with its harm to the Puget Sound as well as its residents. We know that this is a transformative moment in the movement of blockadia; if we can hold the line against projects like this, we can give the world hope of preventing the onslaught by the fossil fuel corporations on our treasured homes and habitats.

Everyone who showed up all had this deep respect in their eyes, for the people who have fought the hardest and stand to lose the most with the construction of a pipeline across British Columbia. The four First Nations who are battling in court right now are truly inspirational, and people there understand that they must be the ones to lead this fight; we must show our dedication through our support of them.

As the conversation continued, people were growing weary at times, hearing the stories of Kinder Morgan’s neglectful practices with streams and bitumen spills. People realize that this is the ultimate of self interest manifesting in pipelines that hurt communities. People were stunned at irresponsible practices of the company, as well as for the potential plight for the Puget Sound if a spill were to occur. But, by the end of the evening all of that worry had turned into passion and a willingness to act further.

Hosting a house party is a lovely way to reconnect with old friends, but it is also a way to meet like-minded new friends who share the same passion for the environmental movement. It is a way to become introduced to activism, solidarity and citizen participation in the some of the biggest fights that pose great risks to humanity, and specifically the way of life of Coast-Salish Peoples. Host a party, its fun, but also much more than that…you leave a changed person, with your newfound willingness to engage in meaningful battles for human liberation and ecological protection!

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