A Q&A with NADA, Zero Waste Grocers

NADA is an independently owned zero-waste grocery store. As part of Pull Together’s Week to End TMX, NADA are donating to support Indigenous legal challenges to the Trans Mountain pipeline and tankers project. Here are some thoughts from owner Alison Carr.

What motivated you to participate in the Week to End TMX?

As a small, local business that is advocating for a package-free future & transition from single-use plastics/disposables, we’re in full support of a renewable energy future & one that moves away from our reliance on petroleum. We also stand alongside the Indigenous nations who are actively pushing against these projects as consent from these communities is crucial for a future that values reconciliation & Indigenous decision making. 

How do you plan to engage your supporters and customers during the Week to End TMX?

We’re looking to donate proceeds from events, advertising in-store, and promoting the campaign online. 

Do you have any personal comments about your own reconciliation journey?

My reconciliation journey involves learning about decolonization & decolonizing myself/way of thinking, promoting the efforts of grassroots initiatives/POC/indigenous leaders in my community both personally and in my business, and learning about the importance of climate justice/the important intersections that need to exist in that space. I also make an effort to get involved & show up physically whenever, whether it be at protests or meetings. These things are largely pulled from a list that RAVEN’s coworker & my friend, Maia Wikler, shared on Instagram once and it’s something I refer back to often as I feel like it’s comprehensive and aligns with the efforts I make.

How else does your business give back to the community?

Community is at the heart of what we do. Over the four years of pop-up shops and store operations, we’ve created an incredible base of folks who we can’t get enough of. We run yoga classes, workshops, film screenings, and external events at Nada to continue to bring people together in a city where many feel isolated. As a 1% for the Planet member, we’re lucky enough to be able to collaborate with a different 1% FTP partner every quarter to bring awareness to important work being done around food waste, plastic pollution, marine conservation, and food security. 

Is there anything you are doing that you want the Pull Together community to know about?

Find us at https://www.nadagrocery.com or on 675 East Broadway, Vancouver.

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