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by Mark Gauti, T’Sou-ke Nation 

This image was created by Mark Gauti and represents Raven in a Pacific Northwest coast natural setting of cedar trees and a river. The face in Raven’s belly represents the human connection to Raven and also the connection to all things that are natural. Many Pacific Northwest Nations and tribes view Raven as a trickster and tricksters are usually characters who will take on jobs that no one else will. These jobs will often facilitate change, which makes Raven a perfect symbol for groups or individuals who work on behalf of environmental or Indigenous  rights. 

Artist bio: Mark is a Coast Salish Artist from the T’Sou-ke First Nation. He works in a wide array of mediums including paint, acid-etched glass, wooden carvings, paddles and drums in addition to photography, fashion design, tattoos and various applications of digital art. His art and inspiration range from very traditional Coast Salish art and colour palettes, to more contemporary designs with vibrant colours and themes that push edges and create a truly 21st century aesthetic.

Email: markgauti@gmail.com Website: www.ohalchid.com

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