RAVEN - Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs



RAVEN’s vision is a country
that embraces the ancestral laws
of Indigenous Peoples and
their equitable access to the
justice system within a
thriving natural habitat.

We are strategic.

Indigenous Peoples in Canada have some of the most powerful environmental rights in the world: but only if they can afford to uphold them in court. That’s where RAVEN comes in.

We are committed.

We stick with Nations through thick and thin so they can weather the challenge of lengthy court challenges. Though Nations tend to be outspent 100:1 by industry and government, our incredible community is helping Indigenous Peoples win case after case.

We’re lean, nimble, and adaptable.

Like our namesake, the mythical northwest coast trickster bird Raven, we take on challenges that very few are willing to tackle. By doing so, we are reshaping the legal landscape and transforming the future. Join us.

What We Believe

The environmental challenges that face many Indigenous Peoples in Canada are really challenges for the entire world. Fundamentally, we believe these are issues of human rights and climate change – guided by some of the most brilliant legal advisors in the country, we work to enshrine environmental justice for all.

The law is clearly on the side of Indigenous Peoples:
their victories protect us all. 



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Monthly Donors

What We Support

Standing up to open pit mining

We support Lake Babine Nation and the Tsilhqot’in Nation as they push back on mines that would destroy sacred areas and vital water systems.

Stopping pipelines and tankers.

We have provided support for 15 Nations on campaigns that range from Pull Together  to The TarSands Trial – the campaign to defend treaty rights in the face of tar sands expansion.


Educating settlers and allies through transformative dialogue.

Through our Courageous Conversations, we foster understanding and skills for solidarity.


Protecting wild and sacred places.

We defended 3 Yukon Nations in the Supreme Court of Canada: and won! This action upholds the protection of the Peel Watershed.


Supporting Indigenous sovereignty

We are standing with Heiltsuk Nation in their title case to establish Aboriginal title to the seabed and foreshore on reserve lands following the Nathan E. Stewart spill.

Enshrining rights for future generations

We are working with Secwepemc Nation as they pursue Aboriginal title on their traditional lands.


All money raised goes to support the costs of getting these legal actions to and through court.

We are a registered charity in Canada and a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization in the United States. Find us here: https://apps.cra-arc.gc.ca/ebci/haip/srch/charity-eng.action?bn=854840147RR0001&m=1

“To have people saying, ‘we trust your leadership. We trust your position on this issue’ really expanded our sense of community nationwide and globally as we saw those donations coming in. It was so empowering. There is no force in this country more powerful than the movement we’re building together.” 

~ Jess Housty, elected Heiltsuk councillor

Raven News and Upcoming Events

Indigenous Empowerment and the Canadian Economy

This article by resource lawyer Bill Gallagher originally appeared in “The Lawyers Daily” at https://www.thelawyersdaily.ca/articles/9472/indigenous-empowerment-and-canadian-economy Until Canadians realize that our collective prosperity is totally...
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2018 Victories

Take a look at what we accomplished together in...
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A nailbiting morning. An astounding victory.

Another trip around the sun. Another amazing year for RAVEN. Writing these ‘retrospective’ emails summons so many powerful emotions. We’re driven by a sense of urgency at RAVEN: with legal challenges, there are no guarantees, and the successes, when they...
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Carbon offsets for Indigenous rights

A big part of why we love our jobs is meeting the incredible people from the RAVEN community. Today we’d like you to meet one of them. Gordon Bailey is a long-time activist, volunteer and RAVEN supporter. He also likes to travel. We were inspired by his creative idea...
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Want more legal victories for people and planet? Become a RAVEN Amplifier

Want to lend your social reach to broaden the conversation about Indigenous rights? Want to put reconciliation into action by promoting urgent calls to action for climate justice? Here at RAVEN (Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs) we’ve had some...
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New short documentary is ready! Find Raven People Rising Film Screenings near you…

The Heilstuk Nation upholds an unbroken lineage of ancestral teachings that powerfully connect people to place. When the Nathan E. Stewart ran aground in their Great Bear Rainforest home, the Heiltsuk took to the courts. In the wake of the devastating spill, the...
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The Nathan E. Stewart sank. But the Heiltsuk Nation is rising.

On the second anniversary of the sinking of the Nathan E. Stewart, Heiltsuk chiefs filed a Notice of Civil Claim in the BC Supreme Court! The Heiltsuk are suing Kirby Corporation, B.C., and Canada over a catastrophic oil spill in Heiltsuk marine waters on October 13,...
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RAVEN Victories

Our latest Annual Report is here! RAVEN conducted an audit in 2017, looking at our systems and financial operations in minute detail. It’s part of our commitment to scrupulously stewarding the precious funds that come our way so we can be as lean, mean and...
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Tsilhqot’in Nation Secures Injunction Preventing Taseko From Commencing Drilling Program Until Appeal is Determined

In a decision released from the bench, the Court of Appeal granted an injunction to the Tsilhqot’in, effectively stopping exploratory drilling and road building by Taseko Mines. The court found that the likelihood of Taseko being able to meet its 2020 deadline...
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We won! A resounding victory against Kinder Morgan

Epic. Ecstatic. Elated. Some of the words today from Indigenous leadership as they took in the Federal Court of Appeal ruling on the now quashed Kinder Morgan pipeline.  To quote Squamish elected councilor Khelsilem – “Quash is an old, old, old Squamish word that...
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Tsilhqot’in vow to fight on despite BC Supreme Court loss

Today, the B.C. Supreme court granted an exploration permit to Taseko Mines Ltd. (TML). The permit approves an extensive drilling, road building and excavation program by TML that purports to advance its rejected New Prosperity Mine project. “We will not stand by as...
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Courageous Conversations: Livestream September 27

With case after case being won by Indigenous Nations in the courts, a new generation of scholars, legal experts and grassroots leaders are leading a quiet revolution in Canadian history. Join a discussion of how Indigenous legal traditions are shaping our world with...
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