RAVEN - Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs


RAVEN’s vision is a country that embraces the ancestral laws of Indigenous Peoples and their equitable access to the justice system within a thriving natural habitat.

What We Believe

The environmental challenges that face many Indigenous Peoples in Canada are really challenges for the entire world. Fundamentally, we believe these are issues of human rights and climate change – we are seeking social and environmental justice for all. The constitutional rights of Indigenous Peoples are the strongest environmental laws in Canada (and possibly the world), especially now that the Canadian government has gutted national environmental protection legislation. The law is clearly on the side of Indigenous Peoples: their victories protect protect us all.

“RAVEN is really giving us hope: that has more value than any monetary value that can be put to anything. It’s beyond words how we appreciate what British Columbians and Canadians are doing to help stand beside us in our fight. It’s really humbling. How can you not feel like you’re going to win?” ~ kil tlaats’gaa Peter Lantin, Council of the Haida Nation

Native leaders, advocates and their legal teams almost always face overwhelming odds when going against the established interests of large corporations and the governments that support them. Governments and wealthy corporations are able to hire large teams of lawyers and experts to bolster their arguments. Their resources appear almost limitless in comparison to First Nations groups and their dedicated legal teams, who often work pro-bono simply because of their belief in the cause. The background research and other costs involved in winning legal cases are invariably immense. Yet, without adequate research and background information, native causes are likely to fail in non-native legal systems.

RAVEN sees the inequity in accessing the justice system and is supporting those First Nations willing to take actionable steps to achieve parity.

What We Are Funding

  • We currently support 15 Nations on campaigns that range from Pull Together for Kinder Morgan, to The TarSands Trial – the campaign to defend treaty rights in the face of rampant tar sands expansion.
  • We defended 3 Yukon nations that took their challenge all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada: and won! This case upholds the protection of the Peel Watershed.
  • We support Lake Babine Nation and the Tsilhqot’in Nation as they both push back on open pit mines that would destroy sacred areas and vital water systems.

    All money raised goes to support the costs of getting these legal actions to and through court

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