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RAVEN is calling on all people, everywhere, to support Indigenous People’s efforts to protect the precious rivers, forest, wetlands, and peatlands that give us all life.

This case could give Nations greater decision-making power over resource extraction projects on their lands. It would also allow Treaty nations to issue injunctions to stop any resource-related permitting before Indigenous consent is given. And it would Provide compensation for damages caused by over a century of resource extraction. 

 A win for the Plaintiff Nations is a win for us all.  This case will be a game-changer as Nations demand their right to self-determination to protect the lands and waters that give us all life.

Legal challenges are expensive, and the settler governments that the Plaintiff Nations are facing in court have deep pockets. The fate of the ‘lungs of the north’ depends on the Plaintiff Nations' ability to access justice. It’s up to everyone — individuals, organizations, and businesses — to come together to back this strategic legal challenge. 

Turbo-charge your fundraising & organizing with RAVEN's coaching tools for champions.

From neighborhood, garage sales, to concerts, pancake breakfast, to drag shows RAVEN's fundraising explodes when people use their creativity to organize events. Do what you love to protect where you live!

Online crowdfunding has been the secret sauce to help RAVEN raise millions of dollars for Indigenous justice. Set up a profile, tell your story, invite your friends and family, and watch the contributions roll in!

Make a monthly donation to this campaign, and become part of the backbone of support that will sustain Indigenous Nations as they argue this important Treaty challenge.

the goal

1. To support access to justice for Indigenous Nations.

2. To change the way decision-making happens in northern Ontario. A win for the Plaintiff Nations would create a legal requirement for Indigenous consent to any development in Treaty No. 9 territory, strengthening Indigenous sovereignty over 330,000 sq kms of land.

3. Victory in the Breathing Lands challenge would give credit to what Indigenous Peoples have said all along about the numbered Treaties — that the written text is not what signatories agreed to. 


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