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Grassy Narrows Campaign

Thank you so much for your passion, care and support for environmental justice in Grassy Narrows!


Grassy Narrows First Nation is taking Canada and Ontario to court over the mercury contamination of their life giving river in northern Ontario.

Ever since the 1960’s, when the local paper mill dumped 10 tonnes of mercury waste into the river, the poison has claimed the lives and health of generations of community members, and prevented Grassy Narrows from exercising their fishing rights under Treaty 3 safely.

Grassy Narrows is carrying on their inspiring fifty-year fight for mercury justice – please donate to support their legal action.

Strengthen Grassy's campaign by fundraising and organizing!

Join forces with Grassy and organize an event on campus, at your workplace or with your friends! Pick a date, choose a location, invite the community, and raise funds! RAVEN has event organizers on hand to help you every step of the way.

Set up an online fundraiser: tell your story, set a goal, and share your fundraising page through your network. You can link this to an event - your birthday, a fun run, or a personal challenge you take on - and get people excited about supporting you, and Grassy! The average person raises $800.

Set up calendar alerts to make regular donations to Grassy, or become a monthly donor to provide backbone support for the duration of this legal challenge. Join Grassy's Circle of Allies here!

the goal

1.  To raise sufficient funds to meet Grassy Narrows every step of the way as they challenge Ontario and Canada.

2. To achieve mercury justice so that Grassy Narrows can restore their Anishinaabe way of life and their wellbeing.

3. A judgment affirming that Canada and Ontario failed to act honourably and breached Treaty 3 would also strengthen the environmental rights of all Canadians by setting an important precedent clearly spelling out the government's obligations to take steps to preserve and restore environmental integrity so that treaty rights can be exercised meaningfully.


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