An Oil Free Coast is Everyone’s Business

With dance parties and comedy shows, people are getting creative in their efforts to stop a pipeline. Under the tagline, “Who knew stopping a pipeline would be so much fun?”, people all across Turtle Island are using their talents and engaging their communities to support the Pull Together campaign. 

This incredible community has raised over $130k in just a matter of months, but we need to get to $400k by the end of December. Businesses, staff at conscious workplaces and unions can all get involved. Between November 27 and December 3, whatever you raise or donate will be matched, doubling your impact!

We are especially inspired by the latest efforts of folks in Deep Cove on the North Shore of Vancouver, British Columbia. Coast Outdoors donated a percentage of their proceeds on Climate Strike Day, amounting to over $1,100 raised for Pull Together. The same wonderful group also hosted a clothing swap in Deep Cove which raised $217. Deep Cove Kayak also decided to contribute their proceeds on Climate Strike Day of $864. I spoke with Erian, one of the event organizers and business owner about her efforts. 

“We have been doing clothing swaps as a community for fifteen years at least and lately we are interested in supporting First Nations. It’s a good reason to clean your closets, everyone walks away with stuff they love and what they feel is important is collected through donation in a jar! We were involved in the climate action week that included recycling clothing.

We operate Deep Cove Kayak so we look straight onto the [Trans Mountain] terminal and we recognize how the voice of First Nations’ people needs support and also has the most strength. This is why at our businesses we put partial proceeds towards RAVEN. 

I’m a Deep Cove resident and a water based business owner. When we had the accidental spill in 2007, that was just a construction spill, we saw those affects and we are deeply aware of the danger and risks with increased tankers… It just makes a lot of sense to gather like minded people and do something fun to support voices who are trying to turn the tide about these issues.”

This is what solidarity looks like! Got a business? Want to make an impact where you work? Check out The Week to End TMX: November 27-Dec 3, we are matching funds raised by businesses, unions and workers, while raining down fanfare and love to everyone who steps up. Find out more and sign up YOUR biz at

There are three ways to play: involve your business, set up an online fundraiser, or sign up to organize an event. Who knew stopping a pipeline would be so much fun? Community events are our secret weapon to quash this pipeline for good. 

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