RAVEN - Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs

Fundraising Partner Guidelines

RAVEN works to raise legal defence funds to assist First Nations who enforce their rights and title to protect their traditional territories. RAVEN is not a granting organization; it is a fundraising organization. We do not outright award financial support to any Nation(s), instead we form a partnership with Nations to jointly fundraise for legal costs.

Criteria for Selecting New Campaigns

RAVEN selects campaigns based on the following six criteria:

  1. Legal Precedent – The proposed legal action would ideally have the potential to set a legal precedence for future cases or advance legal rights and title of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. This decision may be based on consultation with legal experts.
  2. Environmental Legacy – The proposed legal action, if successful, must create a significant, positive environmental impact for all individuals living in Canada. Examples of this include, but are not limited to: contributing to slowing climate change, maintaining biological diversity, and/or improving or maintaining access to clean water and food security. Proposals for fundraising support must also demonstrate a commitment by the Nation(s) to environmental protection.
  3. Aligns with RAVEN’s Mission – The proposed legal action must align and contribute to RAVEN’s vision, mission, values and goals. The proposal may incorporate, or allow for, the co-development of an educational aspect of the campaign with the potential to highlight how the legal action will support the Nation’s values, spirituality, and culture.
  4. Feasibility – The proposed legal action must be based on an achievable fundraising goal for the organizational capacity of RAVEN.*
  5. Community Support – The proposal must demonstrate community support for the legal action and for the proposed fundraising campaign. This can include letters of interest from the Nation(s), letters of support from the community, and/or a General Membership Resolution.
  6. Joint Fundraising Protocol – The Nation(s) requesting funding must agree to work with RAVEN staff to draft and sign a Joint Fundraising Protocol. This agreement will outline and establish: 1. Support from the Nation(s) to contribute to fundraising efforts; 2) demonstrated community support for the campaign, 3) fundraising targets, 4) timelines, and 5) financial need. RAVEN is also open to including other elements in the Protocol, as proposed by the requesting Nation(s), to foster and strengthen the relationship between RAVEN and the Nation(s).

*Please note: RAVEN reserves the right to decline any project proposal.  The organization has a limited capacity and therefore the Board of Directors can turn down proposals, even if they meet all six criteria, if they exceed the organization’s capacity. RAVEN strives to balance our capacity and strategic direction with our desire to fundraise for many crucial projects.

If you feel your project meets the above criteria and you wish to apply for a partnership with RAVEN for fundraising, please download and fill out this PDF, and send to info@raventrust.com

NOTE : We are a small staff of five people: as we grow into the new year, we are working to increase donations to our core operations so we can expand our team to take on more cases. Please join our mailing list to stay in touch with RAVEN.


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