At the 11th hour, Enbridge pushes for permit extension

We just couldn’t believe it. 

Today, we heard that Enbridge has appealed to the federal government to extend federal approval for the Northern Gateway pipeline. Even though they have failed miserably in meeting the 109 conditions set out under the environmental certificate, the company has asked for more time to muster support for their project. 

Even after mass street protests, a declaration signed by 140 First Nations, a string of lawsuits AND the popular Pull Together campaign, Enbridge is still talking about “a path to victory, a path to construction”.

Just what part of “NO” does this company not understand? 

Collective action by defenders of the land and coast has been effective in preventing BC from becoming a gateway to climate disaster.  Although we are still awaiting court decisions, the legal actions taken by First Nations, supported by RAVEN and Sierra Club BC through the Pull Together campaign, bought precious time. So much time, in fact, that Enbridge’s permits should run out without a single shovel hitting dirt.

Oh, but wait: enter Phase 2 of the never-ending Enbridge story.

Here’s a company on the ropes. The writing is on the wall.  Then, suddenly,  they make a last-ditch appeal for an extension of permits to “ continue important conversations with local First Nations.” 

Having to fight this project, politically and in court, creates enormous unnecessary burdens on small communities and First Nations who can least afford it. Spending more time meeting with Enbridge when the answer, for  a majority of First Nations along the pipeline route, is clearly “Not now, never”, is a waste of resources and time. 

Canada elected a government that stood on a platform that included a promise to place a moratorium on tankers on B.C.’s north coast. Enbridge’s aggressive promotion of a hugely unpopular, dangerous project has done serious damage to their brand. Any government that supports this company is going to suffer a massive loss of credibility.

So, we’re getting out our paddles for what looks like the beginning of Pull Together: Round Two. First Nations should not have to fight this company alone. Stay tuned to find out how you can help keep up the pressure and keep tarsands oil from spreading across BC. 

We can all agree with Enbridge about one thing: now IS the time for action from the federal government. That action? To make law the promised tanker moratorium and demonstrate to First Nations that their voices are being heard, loud and clear. 

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