Andrea Palframan

#365 Indigenous: Terri-Lynn(Lalaxaaygans) Williams-Davidson

By Andrea Palframan / June 20, 2021 /

Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson (Gid7ahl-Gudsllaay Lalaxaaygans) is a Haida musician, author, activist, artist, and lawyer who has dedicated herself to the continuation of Haida language and culture. Born and raised in Haida Gwaii, Williams-Davidson was given the name “Lalaxaaygans” – meaning  “Beautiful Sound” – by her maternal great-grandmother Susan Williams, who was a song custodian.  Through her…

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#365 Indigenous: Delia Opekokew

By Andrea Palframan / June 19, 2021 /

Cree lawyer and writer Delia Opekokew is from Canoe Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada. A residential school survivor, she blazed a trail as the first First Nations lawyer to ever be admitted to the bar association in Ontario and in Saskatchewan. Fresh out of law school she was a partner at Zlotkin & Opekokew,…

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#365 Indigenous: Ardith (Walpetko We’dalx) Walkem

By Andrea Palframan / June 18, 2021 /

Ardith Walkem is a member of the Nlaka’pamux Nation and grew up in Spence’s Bridge, Salmon Arm and Chilliwack.  A formidable force for justice, Walkem is the trailblazing first Indigenous woman to be appointed as a judge to the BC Supreme Court. Called to the bar in 1996, Walkem practiced with Cedar and Sage Law,…

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#365 Indigenous: John Borrows

By Andrea Palframan / June 16, 2021 /

Dr. John Borrows is Anishinaabe/Ojibway and a member of the Chippewa of the Nawash First Nation in Ontario, Canada.​​​  Borrows credits his mother with teaching him about Indigenous laws while he grew up near Cape Croker, on Georgian Bay in Ontario.  Borrows’ uncle was a former chief, a great-grandfather was a long-serving councillor, and his…

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#365 Indigenous: Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond

By Andrea Palframan / June 12, 2021 /

Ms. Turpel-Lafond, or Aki-kwe, is recognized internationally for her pioneering work on Indigenous justice. #365indigenous.

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Watch RAVEN’s award-winning short documentary, Raven People Rising

By Andrea Palframan / June 7, 2021 /

Raven People Rising shares the Heiltsuk Nation’s journey towards the first-ever Aboriginal Title claim for seabed and foreshore. Take a trip to the Great Bear Rainforest, and witness the power and strength of the Indigenous Heiltsuk community holding corporations and governments accountable for a devastating spill. Support the Heiltsuk Nation’s legal challenge and explore British…

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VIDEO: All About Generational Giving

By Andrea Palframan / May 27, 2021 /

The transfer of wealth that will take place in the next generation has a huge potential to empower RAVEN’s Indigenous partners. Facing unsustainable industrial development, the Nations we work with are taking courageous legal action to uphold their stewardship responsibilities and defend precious land, air and water for future generations.  Check out the video below to…

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Afloat with Heiltsuk Nation

By Andrea Palframan / May 26, 2021 /

Like you, we kicked off our shoes and did a little dance when restrictions on gathering outdoors in B.C. were eased. Suddenly, a vision we’ve been nurturing all year suddenly became possible.  We’ve been wondering: what’d happen if we brought together a crew of Indigenous leaders, salty sailors, visionary activists and first-class musicians?  This summer,…

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PHOTOS: The Story of Heiltsuk Nation’s spawn-on-kelp fishery

By Andrea Palframan / May 17, 2021 /

Story by Megan Humchitt, Heiltsuk Nation Spring is the time you’ll find Heiltsuk mariners out on the water, harvesting herring spawn on kelp (SOK). This ancient fishery involves hanging weighted kelp, “y̓ák̓a” – stringy kelp -”q̓áq̓ḷ̓ís” – flat kelp, and “h̓a̓ṇ́t” hemlock branches or trees placed in the ocean where the herring are known to…

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Love letters to the Peace Valley

By Andrea Palframan / May 17, 2021 /

A night of sharing. A film to evoke the beauty and loss in the Peace Valley. And a community of guardians, gathering strength to stand together. Last Wednesday, the RAVEN community gathered, witnessed, and shone. As we contemplate the long road to protect the Peace River from Site C Dam, it’s moments like these –…

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