The Hidden Truths of the Treaty No. 9 Agreement

Throughout Canada’s history, the relationship between Indigenous Nations and settlers has been marred by a long-standing pattern of broken promises and exploitation — and the signing of Treaty No. 9 is no different. Signed in 1905 and 1929, Treaty No. 9 is an agreement between the Crown and Indigenous Nations in Northern Ontario that, according…

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Festival Afloat is Back!

In its fourth year, Festival Afloat is back — so grab your paddle for Indigenous justice! GET TICKETS at If you aren’t in one of the spots where Festival Afloat touches down, you can still be part of things by supporting Heiltsuk Nation: we welcome your ideas for fundraisers in your own town (Neighbourhood…

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PODCAST: Voices of Wood Buffalo: Guest Episode with Louise Romain

Season 3 Episode 6

This episode of RAVEN (De)Briefs is featuring a special guest episode by Lou Romain, recorded during the UN Biodiversity Conference in Montreal this past winter.  This episode features the voices of Melody Lepine, Tori Cress, Daniel T’seleie and Paul Belanger, all recorded at a press conference organised by Environmental Defence Canada and Keepers of the…

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