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RAVEN Barefoot Cruises

In summer 2022, small groups of lucky sailors got to cruise the Salish Sea on  3 hour tours aboard the Providence!  Indigenous knowledge keepers Chris Arnett, Wesley Nahanu Nahanee, and Deanna Lewis were our guides to the marine ecosystem and vibrant cultures of the peoples who have stewarded these waters and lands for thousands of years.  Special experiences included daytime and sunset cruises,  and gourmet vegan and ‘seacuterie’ experiences with wine and beer pairings for an elegant adventure.

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Imagine heading out to sea aboard B.C.'s oldest wooden tall ship, the 80-foot ketch Providence. As the sails unfurl against the stunning coastal backdrop, tuck into gourmet vegan and 'seacuterie' boards featuring sustainable seafood from SCOUT.

During the first leg - July 8, and 9 — Indigenous guides shared knowledge and stories about the lands and waters we were sailing through. During the second leg - July 14, 15, 16 and 17 — small groups of 24 people sailed the Gulf Islands archipelago with team members from RAVEN. An intimate, beautiful way to engage in conversation about the powerful movement to stand with First Nations in protection and stewardship.



Scout Sustainable Seafood

Sponsors of the Festival Afloat Salish Sea Tour, Scout Canning's celebrity chef Charlotte Langley will be curating ethical seafood charcuterie boards and drink pairings to make this a savoury and delicious experience.


hOMe Grown Living Foods

hOMe Grown Living Foods believe in the power of food as medicine and offer the most bio available, plant-based, nutrient-dense snacks with NO added sugar or preservatives. Just 100% farm to shelf whole food nourishment.

Grab a paddle for Indigenous Justice.

Barefoot Cruises 2022 are supporting:

Heiltsuk Nation's Step Up for Coast Heroes

Heiltsuk Nation is taking Kirby — an oil shipping company — Canada, and British Columbia to court. The case focusses on damages from the  catastrophic Nathan E. Stewart spill that spilled toxic fuels into Heiltsuk's marine harvesting areas.

With its legal challenge, Heiltsuk Nation is taking power from regulators asleep at the wheel and bringing the responsibility to protect their territory and the ocean back home.

Gitxaała Nation: Protecting Banks Island

Gitxaała Nation is taking B.C. and several “free miners”, including Global Mineral Resources Corporation, to court over mineral claims in their territory that were registered without notification, consultation or consent.

Right now, B.C. allows corporations to stake mining claims in Indigenous territory without even bothering to notify Indigenous Peoples. Gitxaała Nation is asking the court to uphold Free, Prior and Informed consent, and quash the mineral claims on Banks Island.


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Changing the Landscape, One Victory at a Time.

“It’s not every day that we come across an organization such as yours that would assist First Nations with such a cause as ours. Mahsi cho for all your efforts and RAVEN for providing fundraising and support to the Peel Land Use Planning court session. It has been an honor to work with you on this initiative.”

— Chief Roberta Joseph, Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in

"We are the legal agents in this world. We all have the opportuntiy to practice law: sometimes that's done by standing with Indigenous Peoples and working with them in direct ways,  but also it means in some instances providing resources to help Indigenous Peoples as they're raising their voice. And so, providing resources is actually a practice of law. It's a custom that can be used to put us in relationship with one another."

— John Borrows, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Law, University of Victoria

"One of the upsides of these fights is that they have created the wonderful opportunity to bring an awful lot of good people together. And as we move forward into our history, our coalitions our alliances are becoming a lot more broad based, and collectively we are taking ownership of the fact that this is our home. And our home is worth defending."

— Saul Brown, Heiltsuk Reconciliation Negotiator