BC has a secret. First Nations demand they reveal it

West Moberly First Nations will be in court March 29. They’re  riding a wave of your support:  since launching the campaign just 2 weeks ago, the community has received pledges, donations, fundraisers and messages of solidarity. Thanks to RAVEN’s amazing community, we have raised $50k to support the legal challenge that stands as our last, best chance to stop Site C and restore the Peace River valley to health. 

The BC government crows about their commitment to uphold Indigenous rights: yet, in re-committing to proceed with the bloated $16 billion dam project last month, they failed to consult or even notify First Nations about the rationale behind their decision. Serious concerns have been raised about the geotechnical stability of the dam’s foundation, built on slippery shale: expert after expert has weighed in with warnings about risks of earthquakes, landslides, and even outright collapse. 

When the stability and safety issues at Site C came to light in July 2020, the B.C. government commissioned three expert reports. To date, only a portion of these reports and supporting documents has been made available to West Moberly First Nation, or to the taxpayers who paid for it – you and me.  While the government cites these reports as one of the  source for its decision to push ahead with Site C, no one else has seen the full picture. 

That’s right. In an era of “reconciliation”, scientific evidence that directly affects Indigenous livelihoods, culture and Treaty rights is still being shrouded in secrecy. 

Are Nations supposed to simply accept BC’s word that the dam is safe? 

No dam(n) way. 

That’s why West Moberly is bringing a motion on March 29, asking the court to order BC and BC Hydro to produce the full Millburn report and all the technical documents that accompany it and the two other expert reports. West Moberly needs these documents in order to prepare for trial, scheduled for March 2022. The issues of dam safety and cost are crucial to the West Moberly case for infringement of Treaty 8.

As a Treaty Nation whose constitutionally protected rights are being threatened, West Moberly needs to know the factual basis upon which BC is proceeding with this project. Building an unsafe dam is not a justifiable reason for infringement of treaty rights!

Making a donation is one way to ensure justice is done: we are so grateful for the support of hundreds of people who have stepped up. Want to do more? Visit our Action Toolkit to find out how you can amplify the campaign, set up an online fundraiser, or host an (online) event in support of RAVEN’s Site C campaign. 

We are so grateful to all of you for your outpouring of support for West Moberly.  That energy is so needed as the Nation braces for another face-off in court. 

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