Buddhas Pulling Together team raises $1700 in first week!

A new fundraising team, Buddhas Pulling Together, has sprung up on our online fundraising platform. Comprised of a group of zen practitioners, this compassionate crew have pooled their efforts and are working together for Indigenous rights.

Some of the donor comments are really touching:

“Pulling together with first nations our voices sing a new song of this place. It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of. Thank you for the opportunity.”

“In solidarity with all the buddhas pulling together. Thank you for making it so easy to participate in this way.”

“We live on a small island which could be directly affected by the threat of increased tanker traffic with the probability of ecological disaster. Barry and I wish to support First Nations in their legal battles against Kinder Morgan.”

In just over 3 days the group has brought in $1750 in donations, thanks in part to a generous matching funds donor who will be doubling every dollar raised. While zen is all about being in the moment, we’re very grateful that these Buddhas are in the movement! Thank you Sangha Heroes!

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