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Wild for Salmon – Stop Petronas

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Wild salmon are the backbone of British Columbia. As the original stewards of this precious gift of the rivers and ocean, First Nations are standing up to industrial projects that threaten to wipe out the lifeblood of our province.

Four Aboriginal groups along the Skeena and the Nass Rivers are challenging the proposed Petronas LNG facility in court. Their case is strong — but they need support to have the best possible legal defence as they take on giants of industry and government.

RAVEN is proud to stand with the Tsimshian tribe of Gitwilgyoots, the Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs, the Gitxan House of Luutkudziiwus, and the Gitxan House of Gwininitxw to stop Petronas’ LNG pipeline and export terminal in the pristine salmon habitats that have sustained indigenous families for millennia.

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