Defend the Treaties

Blog: Crystal Lameman, BLCN band member

By RAVEN / September 25, 2015 /

Author: Crystal Lameman This challenge we face in the rights of Mother Earth and all living beings is not about our oil consumption in the lipstick and spandex we wear. It’s not about the automobiles we drive and the carbon footprint we leave in the jets in which we fly. Those are the red herrings…

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 Keep It in the Ground: The Biggest Story in the World

By RAVEN / March 18, 2015 /

A guest post by Josef Kuhn, Naturalist-Ecologist-Elder Keep what in the ground? Who says this is the biggest story in the world? The ‘what’ is hydrocarbon fuel material in its many forms. Alan Rusbridger, Editor-in-chief of The Guardian and Bill McKibben, leader of, got together and from their discussions concluded that ending the mining, transporting…

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The Most Important Tar Sands Case You’ve Never Heard Of

By RAVEN / May 27, 2013 /

Written by Carol Linnitt for The Narwhal. See the original piece from 2013 here.  The Beaver Lake Cree Judgment: The Most Important Tar Sands Case You’ve Never Heard Of Sure they’re bad for the environment, for human health, and for wildlife, but we rarely stop to wonder if the Alberta tar sands are in fact…

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