The story of a Big Mining take-down, in pictures

By RAVEN / April 4, 2023 /

It’s not every day that you get a chance to change the nature of mining, but that’s what’s happening at the B.C. Supreme Court this week (April 3-14, 2023).

Our very own Karissa Chandrakate created this graphic novel-style story explaining the case.

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Gitxaała is Heading to Court

By Andrea Palframan / March 21, 2023 /

Legal challenges are like icebergs.  There is a mass of work involved in preparing arguments, collecting evidence from elders and community members, pulling together expert reports and interviewing plaintiffs. While the work of RAVEN supports that process every step of the way, it’s only when Nations are in court, at hearings, that all that work…

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A lone surf scoter in the water

Meet the Surf Scoter: A biodiversity indicator for Gitxaala Nation

By Jamie-Leigh Gonzales / March 13, 2023 /

If there is one thing we know about life on Earth, it’s that humans cannot exist without being in relationship to the natural world around us. Indigenous ways of being teach that we are a part of nature, not the owners of it: resources are gifts, not commodities. And, the only way to ensure the…

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A Night of Brazilian Music in Support of Gitxaala — April 2, 2023

By Karissa Chandrakate / February 17, 2023 /

***This event has been rescheduled to April 2, 2023.*** Gitxaala Nation has launched a groundbreaking legal challenge that aims at B.C.’s outdated Mineral Tenure Act. Currently, the province allows anyone with $25 and a laptop to stake a mining claim without having to notify the Nation whose territory they’re prospecting on.  RAVEN is so grateful…

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You’ve got Status: Intervenors on Mining Justice challenge pass BC Supreme Court’s test

By RAVEN / January 27, 2023 /

Gitxaała’s groundbreaking opposition to B.C.’s outdated and unjust Mineral Tenure Act just got even stronger.  It’s now bolstered by the voices of Indigenous organizations, environmental groups, First Nations governments, and responsible mining advocates who have been given leave to intervene in the upcoming court challenge.  This historic legal action, scheduled for a seven-day hearing starting…

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Think B.C.’s mineral tenure system is a joke? So do we.

By Andrea Palframan / November 7, 2022 /

For a $25 fee, you can start prospecting all over B.C: without even notifying the Nation whose land you are on. Put a stop to that: donate.

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Lanscape photo of Kitkaatla waters and land by Paulina Otylia

Will B.C.’s DRIPA Action Plan put an end to government’s scorched-earth tactics in the courtroom? A tabletop exercise

By RAVEN / June 2, 2022 /

With the implementation of a DRIPA Action Plan, B.C. has committed to shift away from patterns of litigation with Indigenous Peoples. What does this mean, and what would change on the ground?

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A group of runners participating in the Run for FUNds race at Elk Lake Park on April 2, 2022

Running for FUNds with RAVEN champions

By Jamie-Leigh Gonzales / April 26, 2022 /

On April 2, 2022 a group of runners took to the trail at Elk Lake to raise funds and awareness for Indigenous sovereignty and marine life conservation.

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Infographic: The Ecosystem of Kelp, the life cycle of a legal precedent

By Jamie-Leigh Gonzales / February 18, 2022 /

Last year, Pro Bono Students Canada helped RAVEN by looking at the legal precedents that have been set by cases our community has fundraised for and supported. Focusing on the specific achievements of Gitxaala v. Canada —  the legal victory over the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline — student legal researchers went looking for new legal cases that had cited Gitxaala. Check out this infographic illustrating the findings.

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