VIDEO: Inside an Indigenous Environmental Assessment

By Andrea Palframan / July 15, 2021 /

Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management’s Diana Chan joined Firelight Group’s Justin Chan to take us out onto the water in Heiltsuk territory with the team who are conducting an ambitious and unique Indigenous Environmental Impact Assessment in the Great Bear Sea. Learn about the blending of western science with Indigenous knowledge, and discover special shellfish stewardship practices.

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Traditional Heiltsuk Clam Fritter Recipe

By RAVEN / July 14, 2021 /

Mussels, clams and oysters have been an important part of the diet for many First Nations communities for thousands of years. On the Northwest Coast, clams were often dried in large quantities for use. Clams were first steamed open in an earth oven and then strung on sticks and roasted over a bed of coals.…

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An oil spill in Heiltsuk waters

By Andrea Palframan / June 21, 2021 /

Heiltsuk Nation is currently conducting its own, Indigenous-led Environmental Impact Assessment, drawing on Indigenous ecological knowledge and western science to determine the health of the spill area, which has beena marine breadbasket for Indigenous peoples since time immemorial. The Heiltsuk are determined to heal the land and waters — but to do so, they need patient observation and hard data.

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Why are Haíɫzaqv (Heiltsuk) conducting their own environmental assessment?

By RAVEN / June 11, 2021 /

Haíɫzaqv are intricately connected to our natural world, the land, the sea, rivers, all the plants and animals great and small. When any one of these is put at risk, hurt, or displaced it affects us culturally, spiritually, physically, and in ways we cannot put into English words. The Nathan E. Stewart disaster is a prime example of that, and we cannot rely on a colonial system or the polluter , but rather must conduct an environmental impact assessment grounded in our laws, our culture, and values.

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Watch RAVEN’s award-winning short documentary, Raven People Rising

By Andrea Palframan / June 7, 2021 /

Raven People Rising shares the Heiltsuk Nation’s journey towards the first-ever Aboriginal Title claim for seabed and foreshore. Take a trip to the Great Bear Rainforest, and witness the power and strength of the Indigenous Heiltsuk community holding corporations and governments accountable for a devastating spill. Support the Heiltsuk Nation’s legal challenge and explore British…

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PHOTOS: The Story of Heiltsuk Nation’s spawn-on-kelp fishery

By Andrea Palframan / May 17, 2021 /

Story by Megan Humchitt, Heiltsuk Nation Spring is the time you’ll find Heiltsuk mariners out on the water, harvesting herring spawn on kelp (SOK). This ancient fishery involves hanging weighted kelp, “y̓ák̓a” – stringy kelp -”q̓áq̓ḷ̓ís” – flat kelp, and “h̓a̓ṇ́t” hemlock branches or trees placed in the ocean where the herring are known to…

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PODCAST: Indigenous Foodways Series with Jess Housty & Granny’s Gardens

By Andrea Palframan / March 8, 2021 /

This episode is Part 1 in our series on Indigenous Foodways. We’re talking with Jess Housty from her kitchen in Bella Bella. Jess shares with us the story of her community’s Granny’s Gardens: a food sovereignty project that is rooted within the traditions of the Heiltsuk Nation on British Columbia’s central coast.  The Nathan E.…

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Reclamation of Governance: Short Film on Heiltsuk’s Constitution

By Maia Wikler / July 24, 2020 /

Earlier this year, we witnessed the historic Big House opening on Heiltsuk territory. During a four day potlach ceremony,  totem poles were raised that tell the story of who the Heiltsuk are and where they are going. Guided by 14,000 years of history, ancestral laws, memory and tradition, the Heiltsuk are deeply committed to revitalizing…

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Five Indigenous-led Movements for Ocean Protection

By Maia Wikler / June 10, 2020 /

Forests are known as the lungs of the Earth: a source for clean air and carbon filtration. But oceans are also living, breathing carbon sinks that give life – and air – to the planet. During World Oceans Week, let’s give homage to the oceans that sustain life from the depths below the surface. As is the…

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To safeguard the Salish Sea, protect shared waters

By Andrea Palframan / May 13, 2020 /

This editorial ran in the Seattle Times in April 2020 and outlines the Heiltsuk’s response to the tragic sinking of the Nathan E. Stewart. To learn more about the case and to support Heiltsuk recovery and rights-assertion in the courts, please visit https://raventrust.com/heiltsuk Wednesday is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a massive civic event…

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