Land Back

Split the road, Jack: the (unequal) freedom to rally in peace.

By RAVEN / January 27, 2022 /

What do you get when you bring together a caravan of truckers, a frustrated public, and an army of social media commenters? Well: turns out, you get front page news and wall to wall coverage of the “Freedom Rally” on every major network.   Hark! What rough beast comes slouching down the highway? Oh, look, it’s…

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Settlers get 35% bump in property values. Indigenous Peoples? Not so much.

By Andrea Palframan / January 7, 2022 /

There is this crazy myth that Indigenous Peoples in Canada get free housing. In fact, it’s non-Indigenous home-owners that are getting a plush ride.
This week, the value of homes across the province jumped between 15 and 35%. The bump in housing values for settler homeowners creates a huge pool of unearned wealth. But: here’s the thing. Indigenous people living on reserves may never “own” the land their homes are built on, leaving them out of this property bonanza and further disadvantaged by lack of access to capital.

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