‘Our home on native land’: How a lyric change sparked long overdue reflections

By RAVEN / March 10, 2023 /

During the NBA’s All-Star Weekend in February, singer Jully Black made a bold statement when singing Canada’s national anthem. Performing live in a full stadium in Salt Lake City, the Toronto born singer altered the lyric “Home and native land” to “Home on Native Land” with emphasizing the word “on.” Now, RAVEN is urging everyone…

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You’ve got Status: Intervenors on Mining Justice challenge pass BC Supreme Court’s test

By RAVEN / January 27, 2023 /

Gitxaała’s groundbreaking opposition to B.C.’s outdated and unjust Mineral Tenure Act just got even stronger.  It’s now bolstered by the voices of Indigenous organizations, environmental groups, First Nations governments, and responsible mining advocates who have been given leave to intervene in the upcoming court challenge.  This historic legal action, scheduled for a seven-day hearing starting…

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Long Live the Reckoning: an Indigenous-informed lens on the passing of the Queen

By RAVEN / September 8, 2022 /

Across the country, reactions are pouring in over the passing of Queen Elizabeth 2nd.  It has us thinking about grace, and goodness.  We send the Queen’s family our condolences. But: the office itself was part of a colonial tradition responsible for cultural genocide around the world. Institutions like the monarchy are designed to dazzle people…

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Split the road, Jack: the (unequal) freedom to rally in peace.

By RAVEN / January 27, 2022 /

What do you get when you bring together a caravan of truckers, a frustrated public, and an army of social media commenters? Well: turns out, you get front page news and wall to wall coverage of the “Freedom Rally” on every major network.   Hark! What rough beast comes slouching down the highway? Oh, look, it’s…

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Questions & reflections on the brink of light

By RAVEN / January 11, 2022 /

Though most of us are in the deep freeze of winter, the hours of darkness are getting shorter and the light is growing, bit by bit, every day. The conditions of nature are conducive to going inwards, while the restrictions of Covid demand that we contain ourselves and even, when necessary, isolate. In this time…

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Celebrating Victories in 2021!

By Karissa Chandrakate / December 21, 2021 /

We have a lot to celebrate! This year RAVEN has surpassed our every goal, in every way. Raised 2.3 million in total for Indigenous justice and to sustain RAVEN’s work! We experienced so much generosity, such unrelentingly fierce determination by our partner Nations, and the crackling energy of several new campaigns – with 5000+  donors by…

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Stand with Neskantaga this Giving Tuesday!

By Karissa Chandrakate / November 30, 2021 /

November 30th is Giving Tuesday, and we are honoured to be spotlighting Neskantaga Nation.  This northern Ontario Nation’s brave stance against the breakneck Ring of Fire mining expansion is an inspiring story of how one Indigenous community is upholding Anishinabe stewardship principles in the face of reckless development.  Having launched their legal challenge just last…

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BREAKING! Neskantaga launches Ring of Fire action.

By Karissa Chandrakate / November 24, 2021 /

Neskantaga Nation has launched a legal challenge to push back against reckless mining development in the Ring of Fire. Though the Neskantaga community has been without clean drinking water for over 25 years, Ontario is rushing to approve road-building and mineral exploration permits along the Attawapiskat River in the James Bay region of northern Ontario. …

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Double your impact for Beaver Lake Cree Nation

By RAVEN / October 21, 2021 /

All donations are being DOUBLED for Beaver Lake Cree Nation. Let’s carry this case all the way to the Supreme Court!

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Infographic illustrating Heiltsuk Nation’s legal challenge to Kirby Corp and BC over oil spill.

By RAVEN / October 13, 2021 /

Five years ago today, the Nathan E Stewart tug-barge sank in Heiltsuk territory. The spill devastated Gale Pass, a prime shellfish and salmon habitat that Heiltsuk have relied on for countless generations. Big thanks to Karissa Chandrakate @pangea1010 for putting together this infographic that articulates the crisis and legal case of Heiltsuk Nation. The Heiltsuk are…

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