Site C Dam

West Moberly First Nations Announces Partial Settlement of Civil Claim

By RAVEN / July 4, 2022 /

West Moberly First Nations has entered into a partial settlement agreement with the Province of British Columbia, BC Hydro, and Canada with respect to our outstanding claims aimed at protecting our traditional territory.

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A rock in the river: West Moberly shifts strategy on Site C

By Andrea Palframan / June 27, 2022 /

We know that pressing for rights in the courts is a strategic and powerful way to push back against unfettered development and to advance better laws benefiting future generations. You’ve stood with Indigenous Nations through some tough fights, and seen RAVEN celebrate the defeat of tar sands pipelines and open pit mines.  But: sometimes, infuriatingly,…

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Photo of Chief Roland Willson and a photo of Tamara Lorencz on a yellow gradient background

VIDEO: Environmental Racism: A Story of Colonization and Ecocide Webinar Recap

By Jamie-Leigh Gonzales / January 28, 2022 /

Cohosted by Stop Ecocide Canada and RAVEN, this webinar looked at Environmental Racism: A Story of Colonization and Ecocide. Speakers included Chief Roland Willson and Tamara Lorincz

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Webinar: Environmental Racism – A Story of Colonization and Ecocide

By RAVEN / January 19, 2022 /

Join us on January 26th 4pm PST for a webinar, Environmental Racism: A Story of Colonization and Ecocide, in collaboration with Stop Ecocide Canada. The purpose of the webinar is to raise awareness on using international law, and specifically a crime of ecocide, to uphold Indigenous rights and environmental protection. Register: In this third…

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Photo collage of Chiefs Roland Willson, Smogelgem and Ruben George

VIDEO: Busting BC’s Dependency on Fossil Fuel

By Jamie-Leigh Gonzales / November 18, 2021 /

In the Busting the Fossil Fuel Corridor webinar, hosted by The West Coast Climate Action Network in partnership with RAVEN, we were joined by three Indigenous Land protectors whose voices and stories showed us just how much impact we can have when we work as a collective and hold on to hope of a cleaner future.

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Tranquil evening on the water for West Moberly First Nations.

By RAVEN / August 4, 2021 /

Thank you to everyone who came out to our second floating concert in Victoria in support of the legal challenges of West Moberly First Nations! On July 29th, we hosted our second concert on the Gorge to raise funds to West Moberly First Nations’ legal challenge to Site C Dam. The Nation is pursuing a…

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A flood of support to protect the Peace

By Andrea Palframan / August 4, 2021 /

When we planned to get together for a different kind of “Paddle for the Peace” this summer, we expected a smattering of supporters to float up for a mellow evening of music and friendship in Victoria. That’s exactly what happened. But what we didn’t predict was what big waves our “Festival Afloat” would make! From…

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A beautiful evening on the water for West Moberly First Nations.

By RAVEN / July 23, 2021 /

Last night, at the first in RAVEN’s ‘Festival Afloat” concert series on Victoria’s Gorge waterway, we heard the Songhees story of Camossung and how the rocks in the the tidal inlet at the narrows were formed by Hayls, the creator, and how camas came to be the staple food of the Songhees people from knowledge…

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Love letters to the Peace Valley

By Andrea Palframan / May 17, 2021 /

A night of sharing. A film to evoke the beauty and loss in the Peace Valley. And a community of guardians, gathering strength to stand together. Last Wednesday, the RAVEN community gathered, witnessed, and shone. As we contemplate the long road to protect the Peace River from Site C Dam, it’s moments like these –…

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West Moberly First Nations wins key motion in Treaty infringement challenge over Site C

By Ana Simeon / May 4, 2021 /

BC and BC Hydro must disclose information on dam safety and cost. On April 30, the BC Supreme Court ordered B.C. and BC Hydro to disclose to West Moberly First Nations the full, unredacted Milburn Report and all appendices, as well as all documents relating to the projected final cost and safety of Site C…

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