Courageous Conversations

By Andrea Palframan / June 1, 2020 /

Courageous Conversations are about fostering “Lateral Kindness” by offering people teaching and learning tools that are inclusive, accessible and compelling. With case after case being won by Indigenous Nations in the courts, a new generation of scholars, legal experts and grassroots leaders are leading a quiet revolution in Canadian history. If law is something that…

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Get on the Bus with Us!

By Andrea Palframan / April 26, 2016 /

  If we believe in the inherent rights of Canada’s original people, how can we be moving ahead with Site C dam? If we are concerned about global warming and its impact on farming, how can we be planning to flood a valley that has the potential to feed one million people ? Are you…

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The wild grassroots weave strong support for Join the Circle

By Andrea Palframan / October 6, 2015 /

We’re always amazed what small grassroots community events can achieve and this month we’ve had seen just that. An exciting multimedia project, My Peace River, is up and running spreading the word about Site C and raising money to stop it.  This is an artistic collaboration between photographer Jodie Ponto and musician Jody Peck (aka:…

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Calls for a moratorium on Site C ring out

By Andrea Palframan / October 6, 2015 /

Calls for a moratorium on Site C construction have been increasing. In addition to the loud rally outside the BC legislature last week, voices demanding a rethink of this project are coming from many corners, including the Union of BC Indian Chiefs,  the National Farmers Union, the Greater Vancouver Regional District and the Peace River Regional…

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Peace River Valley finds it’s way to the List of Most Endangered Places in Canada

By Andrea Palframan / June 11, 2015 /

Heritage Canada The National Trust has listed the Peace River Valley of Northeastern British Columbia as one of the top ten most endangered historical sites in Canada.  A lot of focus has been put on First Nations rights, loss of farmland and the huge environmental impact that Site C dam will have on the area.…

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Successful Peace Valley landowners encourage support of Treaty 8 challenge

By Andrea Palframan / May 6, 2015 /

The Peace Valley Landowners Association have recently announced that they have reached their $200K goal towards  a separate legal challenge to Site C. We are thrilled with this fantastic news! Since PVLA have reached their goal, but know that Treaty 8 Nations have launched their own legal crowdfunder, they are encouraging people who want to oppose the dam…

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Keeping the Peace Event: An Evening to support Treaty 8 Nations

By Andrea Palframan / May 1, 2015 /

Please join us for an evening of discussion, solidarity and action in the fight to stop the Site C dam. The BC and federal government are pushing ahead with the Site C dam, even though the governments’ own review panel found that that Site C would cause severe and unmitigable impacts to Treaty 8 First…

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Rally at the Courthouse: No Dam Way!

By Andrea Palframan / April 29, 2015 /

This Friday May 8, the Federal Government is going to try and throw out Tready 8’s Site C Court Case before it goes to trial in July. All of the legal teams for Treaty 8 and the communities— Doig River, West Moberley, McLeod Lake and Prophet River First Nations— who are involved in the court…

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Kamloops to host Chief Roland Willson May 14th

By Andrea Palframan / April 9, 2015 /

Join the gathering and show your support for protecting the Peace and First Nations as they work to preserve the opportunity to carry out their guaranteed treaty rights in the Peace River Valley. The B.C. and federal governments are pushing ahead with the Site C dam even though their own review panel found that it…

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