Claire Elizabeth Launches Art Fundraiser to Benefit RAVEN

Claire Elizabeth moved to BC a year ago for a life more connected to the outdoors after 4 years travelling around the world and living in London UK. She fell in love with the natural surroundings of BC and started to relax into a calmer rhythm of life. Claire has worked as a professional engineer and project manager since graduating, but recently decided to move into a more creative space as she found it far more gratifying. Claire specialises in small pencil and paint figure study prints.


Since remodelling her “9-5”, she has reassessed her priorities and pursued passions she had previously put aside, taking courses on sustainable development and volunteering for causes that she felt strongly about. One of these volunteer events was for the Wilderness Committee at the RAVEN fundraiser for the Tsilhqot’in Nations defence of Teztan Biny (Fish Lake) against a large mining company. Claire was instantly taken with RAVEN’s dedication to the cause and most importantly the relationship with the First Nations groups they supported. RAVEN had tangible goals making it easy to see where the effort is going and the results of their continued work.

Claire Elizabeth as an artist and a business wanted to be part of a sustainable cause. That is why 5% of artist profits on every print sold are donated to RAVEN. Claire believes that every little difference counts and if we all make an effort we can improve our planet and its inhabitants in a more sustainable manner.


Claire Elizabeth fine art prints are all printed on sustainable bamboo paper from original drawings produced and hand signed by the artist. Follow Claire Elizabeth on Instagram @ce_creative, Facebook or send enquiries to

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Claire Elizabeth is the artist name for Claire Kitson. Claire is originally from rural New Zealand and moved to Vancouver in early 2016 after spending much of the last 4 years travelling Europe and South America. Claire is a new professional artist, having treated it as a hobby for the last 10 years. Claire has a background in engineering and business consultancy but now works part time to pursue a career in art as it makes her happier and she likes variety in life. Claire has a passion for sustainability and environmental causes, she loves the outdoors and all the animals living in them. Claire is very excited to be working with the Raven Trust.

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