RAVEN - Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs

Courageous Conversations

With case after case being won by Indigenous Nations in the courts, a new generation of scholars, legal experts and grassroots leaders are leading a quiet revolution in Canadian history. If law is something that is constituted through our relationships — with one another, with the living world and with our non-human relations — how can settlers and allies put reconciliation into action to realize rights that belong not only to the first peoples of this land but to the Earth itself?

We kicked off this new RAVEN educational program with a great evening of stories, poetry and dialogue with some of the country’s leading Indigenous scholars, poets and visionaries. Click to view the video from the Vision 20/20 Series, produced by Stream of Consciousness

We are inviting Indigenous peoples, allies, and organizations working in the human rights, social justice, and environmental fields to join in a conversation about what topics need to be addressed, what tools people need, and how we can best reach out to build a network of ambassadors willing and equipped to hold Courageous Conversations about Indigenous rights and settler ally ship.

With Courageous Conversations, RAVEN aims to build a network of reconciliation ambassadors who commit to learn, share knowledge, and host courageous conversations about Indigenous rights where they live, work and play.

Rather than looking backwards to the injustices of the past, Courageous Conversation has a goal of building a kinder, more understanding and more prosperous society where the caretaker values of Aboriginal Peoples inform the decisions and visions of the country as a whole. Loosely based upon the 94 recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Courageous Conversations are about fostering “Lateral Kindness” by offering people teaching and learning tools that are inclusive, accessible and compelling.

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