Crucial Connections: COVID-19 and the Climate Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has swept through communities around the world, leaving many grappling with uncertainty of economic stability, public health infrastructure and political upheaval. The rapidness in which the pandemic took hold and manifested is explosive and immediate in time and space, it is a global crisis that has transfixed media and the public alike.

However, one cannot help feel concerned about the rapid response from various sectors to address COVID-19 that pales in comparison to the ongoing inaction and minimal steps taken for climate action. Research shows that accelerating climate change will have unparalleled impacts on global health, both human and environmental. Despite the ongoing viral pandemic that reveals just how unprepared systems and infrastructures are to handle such crises, the government is continuing to push through fossil fuel expansion even with the plunge in oil prices and current economic downturn.

We need an investment in global public health, for the long haul, rather than short term symptomatic solutions. The Wet’suwet’en recently launched a legal challenge that addresses just that. We unpacked the parallels between COVID-19 and climate injustice in the graphics below. For more content that meaningfully and deeply interrogates the intersections of human rights and environmental justice, follow us on Instagram @raven_trust and our latest #solidarityfromhome.

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