culturalive! Pulls Together

We did a little Q&A with Melanie Furman, founder of Culturalive Fermented Foods, who is donating a portion of proceeds during the Week to End TMX – November 27 -Dec. 3.

What motivated you to participate in the Week to End TMX?
I am motivated to participate in this week because I believe it is the best way to preserve all life…Water, earth, air. And as a settler, the best way to support 1st nations rights. 

How do you plan to engage your supporters and customers during the Week to End TMX?
I will contact those that purchase culturalive products, which are mainly retail food stores and let them know i am giving 10% of profits towards this campaign, and ask them to do the same. 

Do you have any personal comments about your own reconciliation journey?
I am constantly humbled by the openess, invitation and resiliency of many 1st nation folks to us settlers. I have been invited to participate in ceremonies, workshops on both making crafts, ceremonial tools, language and decolonization and ways of living.  This has opened my heart and mind to the invaluable practice of indebtedness. To me this means always giving, in order to be abundant. I know that when i give freely from my heart, that this is the true meaning of abundance and wealth. This has been taught to me by Cree, Anishinaabe, Lakota, Quw’utsun, Snuneymuxw, Kwakwaka’wakw 1st nations. 

How else does your business give back to the community?
I provide cheap or free culturalive! products to community members who can benefit from them, purchase locally grown produce as much as possible, drive an electric car, give to school charities, as well as give to children in need in Zimbabwe. 
creator of culturalive fermented foods

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