Double your impact with Matching Funds for Beaver Lake Cree Nation

Starting November 1st, every donation will be DOUBLED thanks to a coalition of matching funds donors! This is a serious boost to this campaign that means every action you take will have twice the impact, from making a donation to fundraising online to organizing an event.

In just four short weeks, people across Canada have raised $25k for the Tar Sands Trial — the game-changing legal challenge that could finally place limits on development in the largest industrial site on Earth. By setting up online fundraisers, organizing events and making donations, people from coast to coast and beyond have stepped up to stand with the Beaver Lake Cree Nation in saying “enough”.

Enough to outdated fossil fuel extraction. Enough to trampling Indigenous rights. Enough to runaway climate change.

We’re incredibly grateful for the momentum that your passion and your generosity is giving this case. 

We have a window of opportunity to make a huge impact on climate change: but the clock is ticking. We have until the end of November to raise $100,000 — another $75k — so that the Beaver Lake Cree can stand toe-to-toe with government in court.

Here’s how we’re going to do it:

• a group of generous donors will provide matching funds starting November 1st. Every dollar you raise or contribute will be DOUBLED, starting in just 10 days.

we’re unleashing a swarm of crowd-funders. The average person raises $800 using our simple online tools: with matching funds, just 30 people canvassing their friends and family will bring in $48k!

• citizens are organizing events in cities and towns across the country, from small community mixers to big town-hall style meetings. Get in touch if you want support organizing and promoting your event. All funds raised will be matched, so even a small happening can make a big difference.

Our strategic approach is working. RAVEN’s networked change model is why we were able to raise over a million dollars to stop first the Enbridge pipeline and, more recently, put the brakes on the Kinder Morgan Transmountain expansion project.

It’s more critical than ever to act on climate. We’ve got just under 6 weeks to get behind fierce Indigenous leaders and stand together against tar sands expansion. Are you in?

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