RAVEN - Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs

Young Scholars Essay Prize

RAVEN is mandated to assist Indigenous Peoples in protecting and restoring the natural environment for the benefit of all people within Canada by developing and delivering education programs to advance knowledge and understanding of available legal rights and remedies.

In many Indigenous communities that have been deeply impacted by extractive industries, there exists a significant proportion of people who are unaware of the legal rights and remedies available that can effectively address cultural and ecological issues. An informed community that acknowledges the relationship between cultural integrity and a healthy ecology is able to act clearly and decisively to ensure its long-term viability. RAVEN is currently developing educational programming. We also run the Young Scholars Essay Prize annually.

Young Scholars Essay Prize

The purpose of the RAVEN Young Scholars Essay Prize is to recognize outstanding undergraduate work which intersects with the core precepts and values of RAVEN. Quite simply, we want to recognize students who are asking questions about the sorts of topics that we know to be important. The essay competition is open to all disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. Papers from all methodological and theoretical standpoints will be considered.

Deadline: June 1st of each year.

To apply send a pdf with separate title page with name, student number, institution & email. No author identification may be on the essay pages themselves. Please send submissions and any questions to Max Ritts: max.ritts@geog.ubc.ca.


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