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Raven: Reconciliation In Action!

Air, water, land, human rights. If you care about these things, you may want to know about RAVEN.

What We Believe
What is at stake for Indigenous Peoples is at stake for everyone: the expectation that human rights will be upheld, and that we will always have water to drink, land to grow healthy foodon, and sustainable ecosystems for all life.

First Nations’ rights, enshrined in section 35 of the Canadian Constitution, are currently the most powerful environmental rights in the country.

Having rights is one thing. The problem is enforcing them. Native leaders and their legal teams usually face overwhelming odds against the established interests of big corporations and governments as they struggle to protect their rights and lands through the courts.

Many people recognize the inequity in accessing the justice system. RAVEN is the only charitable organization in Canada that raises legal defence funds to help ensure our First Nations partners can defend their treaty rights and the integrity of their traditional lands and cultures. RAVEN’s work is reconciliation in action.

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