Exciting new campaign launches in time for Paddle for the Peace!

Every year, the Peace Valley Environment Association and West Moberly First Nation host a Paddle for the Peace that brings hundreds of people to the Peace River to protest Site-C.

So what if we helped them amplify the Paddle for the Peace with a groundswell of grassroots fundraising events that together raised big money for First Nations to stop Site-C in the courts? 

Now that’s a story we want told, so we’ve teamed up with LeadNow to invite everyone to Grab a Paddle.

You can contribute in three ways:

  • businesses: hold an in-store promo for Grab a Paddle. We are delighted to welcome Moksha Yoga Victoria, Patagonia Vancouver, Uprising Breads Bakery, Cold Comfort Ice Cream, Talaysay Tours, and Yogacara Whistler on board who will all be hosting events on & around July 9th’s Paddle for the Peace.


  • community groups & individuals: organize an event in solidarity with the Paddle for the Peace. It can be a BBQ, a paddle, a film screening: you dream it up, and we’ll support you with materials and promotion to help you succeed. For a listing of events, click here. To sign up to become an event host, click here.


  • setup an online fundraiser & get your friends and family to contribute. We can walk you through the setup by phone, and have a handy guide that makes it really easy. If you are heading to the Paddle for the Peace, let us know and we can help you become a sponsored paddler.




The Site-C dam is Canada’s largest ever industrial project. With a price tag of $12 billion for power that householders don’t even need, the project will lay waste to prime farmland to provide power to the tarsands and LNG industries. In an era of reconciliation, when breakthroughs in solar, wind, and geothermal power are showing the way towards a new energy future, the Site-C dam project makes no sense.

The West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations argue that if the dam is built, the Treaty they signed that guarantees them the right to hunt and fish on their traditional territory won’t be worth the paper it’s written on. They stand as a thin red line against this outrageously wasteful project. They are calling on the federal government to intervene and halt construction while their case is before the courts. And, they’re calling on allies all over the country to stand up for Indigenous Rights.

We’re looking to raise $75k and send a clear message to Ottawa —Indigenous Rights matter, and the world is watching. Are you in?


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