Got a Stake in the Peace?

Do you care about Indigenous rights, food security and preserving important lands and waters for  future generations?

Then why not  join over 1300 people who have pitched in to plant yellow stakes in the hillside above the Site C Dam. 

Farmers Ken and Arlene Boon were looking for a way to make their voices heard in the fight against Site C. Working closely with their West Moberly neighbours, they’d amassed supporters from around the province and across the country who sympathized with the plight of the Peace and her people – both the Indigenous caretakers of the land and farmers like the Boons, whose land was being expropriated for the dam. 

Then Wendy Holm (Damming the Peace, the Hidden Costs of the Site C Dam), had a brainwave. In front of Arlene’s kitchen window was a yellow surveyor’s stake planted by BC Hydro during the expropriation of the Boons’ farm. “That yellow stake is a problem only because it’s alone,” said Wendy. “We need to surround it with a whole field of stakes, put there by Canadians who know we all have a Stake in the Peace and are happy to donate $100 or more to stand with others to fight the Site C dam.”

The Boons were enthusiastic. “A stake in the Peace!” said Ken.  “It’s perfect: the yellow color is symbolic and stands out no matter what time of year it is.”

The idea took flight, and now there is a whole field of brilliant yellow stakes surrounding the Boons’ house, demonstrating to anyone visiting the valley that there are guardians from far and wide willing to step up to protect this beautiful place.

The sheer number of stakes make it an artful, impactful statement to all who live and work in the area. It is as though the hundreds and thousands of supporters of West Moberly First Nations’ challenge to the dam project are looking on, watchful, as the ill-fated dam is built. 

Ready to have your stake? 

A $100 donation (tax receipted) will plant a yellow stake with your name and where you live on the third-generation Boon Farm in the BC Peace River Valley.

Ken also suggests  putting a stake in your own yard in addition to the ones you purchase, to start a neighbourhood conversation about the dangers of the unsafe, unnecessary and unlawful Site C Dam. 

 ​Donate here: Please add a comment with your donation that begins with “I’m putting a yellow stake in the Peace Valley because…” . We’ll write your name and location on the stake, and Ken & Arlene Boon will add it to the 1351 – and counting – collection of stakes overlooking the Peace River. 

You could also get together a group of friends, collect $100 and plant a Yellow Stake for your class, your group, your community or your business – just indicate the name of your group in the comment section of your donation and we’ll make and install one for you. 

Ken and Arlene Boon have been steadfast in this struggle for over a decade. Says Ken, despite the long haul, “we are definitely not throwing in the towel considering what we’ve all been through.”

Neither are we. Learn more about this campaign and find out how you can take action here. 

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