Heiltsuk Living Room Film Festival Keeps the Momentum for Justice Going

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The Heiltsuk Nation has stood up to defend their rights and territories, again and again, in ways that benefit us all. Thank you for standing with them, and for pulling together for future generations.

The Heiltsuk Nation upholds an unbroken lineage of ancestral teachings that powerfully connect people to place. Witness how the Heiltsuk used the courts to stop Enbridge — backed by thousands of supporters via the Pull Together campaign. Just six months after that court victory, the Nathan E. Stewart ran aground in their Great Bear Rainforest home.

With deep implications for fish farms and orca whales, the Heiltsuk have launched the first ever aboriginal title claim for the seabed and foreshore: their historic case stands to set a powerful precedent for all coastal peoples.

The story of how the Heiltsuk are taking power back from regulators asleep at the wheel is told in the documentary, “Raven People Rising”. To support Heiltsuk in their legal challenge, we are inviting you to join the “Living Room Film Festival”:

1. Make a donation to RAVEN’s “Stand With Coast Heroes” campaign.

 2. After donating, you will receive access to the secret “Raven People Rising” page to view film.

3. Invite your friends! Set up a fundraising page, then reach out to your friends and family to collect donations.

This is an amazing way to stand with Indigenous Peoples while experiencing the beauty of the BC coast — all from the comfort of your living room!

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