Honoured to be part of Honour the ACFN

blog_52d4638700f2fRAVEN is honoured to be working on behalf of ACFN to raise funds for their legal efforts.

We have added a dropdown box to our donate page, so donations can be designated to support the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation’s legal actions. 

And we will be working to find other ways over the next months to generate support for the band.

Right now, the momentum generated by Neil Young is strong and we encourage our friends and followers to share this informaton to their networks. 

You can read more at honourtheACFN.ca.

From ACFN’s website:

The ACFN are actively engaged in a multi-prong legal strategy to challenge public policy, individual tar sands projects and inadequate environmental protection in Alberta’s Athabasca tar sands region.

We have drawn a line in the sand, but we need help to hold the government accountable in the courts of law.

Neil Young has visited our territory and seen the impacts of the tar sands first hand. That is why he has partnered with us to raise money for our legal challenge of tar sands expansion and environmental destruction.

In the “Honor the Treaty” concert series this January, Neil Young and Diana Krall will perform live in Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, and Calgary. 100% of all proceeds will go to ACFN.

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