How a group of young leaders put solidarity into action with RAVEN

We were excited to see some of our favourite people chronicled in this MacLean’s article this month. Though the headline reduces them to a demographic, these are people with huge hearts and clear vision who are using their privilege to make a substantial difference in the world.

The piece highlights the Resource Movement, who stepped up in a huge way for RAVEN’s Tar Sands Trial campaign when the Beaver Lake Cree Nation were in court to claim an Advance Cost Award to bring their decades-long fight to contain tar sands expansion to trial.

While not everyone is in a position to give big, it’s the collective nature of the Resource Movement’s strategic giving that makes it so impactful. RAVEN wins because hundreds, and thousands, of people step up and donate at once, in increments sometimes no more than $25 but together, so that Indigenous Nation can meet the demands of their judicial actions and pursue what’s right, and what’s good for all of our futures.

Here’s the story, from MacLean’s:

A key initiative in 2018 was contributing to the legal fund of the Beaver Lake Cree Nation. For the past 10 years, the First Nation has been suing the Alberta and federal governments over the oil sands projects on its territory. Resource Movement’s donation of $28,000 helped secure a recent victory: in September 2019, a judge awarded Beaver Lake Cree Nation advanced costs, which meant the defendants (in this case the provincial and federal governments) would pay half the plaintiff’s annual legal fees.

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