How to beat a giant: Join Tsilhqot’in chiefs for a webinar

You may have heard about the recent legal win that resulted in the final and irreversible rejection of the New Prosperity Mine in Tsilhqot’in territory. Moments — and victories — like this are hard won and uncommon, so we want to mark the moment with a celebration. 

On Thursday, June 18, join Tsilhqot’in leaders for a rich conversation unpacking their successful campaign against Taseko Mines. Learn about the cultural foundations and Indigenous legal frameworks that the Nation drew upon to resist New Prosperity for so many years, and take the opportunity to thank Chiefs and community members for their principled leadership through a long, bitter fight. 

As the Tsilhqot’tin work to enshrine their caretaker values into law, they are keeping their eyes lifted to the horizon and their feet on the ground. The webinar is a chance to hear about the Tsilhqot’in’s long-term vision for their territory. This includes a new legal challenge, taking shape as we speak, that RAVEN will be supporting in 2021, and the work being done to create Dasiqox Tribal Park to protect watersheds, forests and — of course — Teztan Biny (Fish Lake) for future generations.

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