RAVEN DeBriefs are conversations between Indigenous thinkers, legal experts, organizers and community leaders exploring the shifting legal landscape upon which moments of crisis — and opportunity — are built.

S1 Episode One : The Power of Music to ‘up the Auntie’ in us all

By Andrea Palframan | February 23, 2020

We are THRILLED to be launching the new “Raven Debriefs” podcast, meant for everyone out there who is wondering just what we talk about when we talk about “LAW” in this country.  10 years ago Susan Smitten founded this organization called RAVEN: the acronym stands for Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs. RAVEN works at…

Watch Episode 4, “Wellhead to Tidewater” with Isabella Zizi

By Maia Wikler | March 6, 2020

Isabella grew up in Richmond, CA living roughly two miles away from the Richmond Chevron Refinery. Just one month after her high school graduation, on August 6, 2012, the refinery had a massive explosion that sent 15,000 residents to the hospital. This is when she knew work had to be done. Since then, her community-based organizing has taken…

RAVEN (De)Briefs S1 Episode 2: Elders in the Making

By Andrea Palframan | March 9, 2020

With a bow to Cowboy Smithx, we present Episode 2 of our new RAVEN De(briefs) podcast: “Elders in the Making”.   Don’t miss an episode: Sign up here to get the podcast notices in your inbox.    The teaching and learning going on across the country is extraordinary. Settlers and indigenous people are gathering in…

S1 Episode 3 Lifting the Lie of Denial with Bruce McIvor

By Andrea Palframan | March 23, 2020

Our baby podcast is taking it’s third step! Please help us find our feet by rating, reviewing, and subscribing to “RAVEN (De)Briefs” on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts!     We are incredibly excited to share Episode 3 of RAVEN (De)Briefs with very special guest Bruce McIvor. For those of you familiar with…

Podcast S1 Episode 4 – Covid Capitalism & The Case Against CGL

By Andrea Palframan | April 7, 2020

 In today’s episode of RAVEN (De)Briefs podcast, you’ll meet Caily DiPuma, a lawyer working with Wet’suwet’en Nation on legal challenges pushing back against Coastal Gas Link’s fracked gas pipeline. Until the Covid19 outbreak took over the global consciousness, Wet’suwet’en were gaining international attention as their peaceful resistance to CGL’s pipeline erupted in violence at the…

Constituting Indigenous Law with John Borrows: S1 Episode 5 RAVEN (De)Briefs

By Andrea Palframan | April 21, 2020

Immerse yourself in the profoundly poetic worldview and philosophy of Canada Research Chair and RAVEN legal advisory panel member John Borrows. His discourse is richly adorned with the shapeshifting sounds of Jeremy Dutcher, a classically trained musician who takes 100 year old wax cylinder recordings of his Wolastoq ancestors, and sets them to soaring strings…

RAVEN DeBriefs S.1 Episode 6 – We Are the Stronghold

By Andrea Palframan | May 5, 2020

Listen to this episode Today’s episode introduces Shosana and Raven of Digging Roots, who, together with promoter and singer songwriter Amanda Rheaume are the founders of the indigenous Music Summit. This February, as the Wet’suwet’en Nation’s courageous stance against Coastal Gas Link inspired solidarity actions around the world , this powerhouse trio got together to…

S1 Episode 7: Decolonize Now! With Nikki Iyolo Sanchez

By Andrea Palframan | May 19, 2020

On this episode of RAVEN (De)Briefs,  we’re talking to  Nikko Iyolo Sanchez.    We caught up with Nikki on the day that the book, Spirits of The Coast, was released. As a guest editor for the Royal BC Museum, Sanchez worked with diverse contributors, young and old, to explore the magic, myths and ecology of orca…

Season 1, Episode 1

This first episode is a conversation between Jeff Nicholls, RAVEN’s board president, Indigenous lawyer and member of the Raven Clan of the Tsimshian Nation, and  Shoshona Kish, founder of the Indigenous Music Summit and front woman of the band Digging Roots.    Music by: Digging Roots, Kinnie Starr, and Amanda Rheaume. Used with permission.    


Season 1, Episode 2

The next generation of activists, scholars, poets and players are forging a new way forward grounded in Indigenous traditions and motivated by a longing for justice. This episode features Saul Brown who is pursuing a law degree in Canadian and Indigenous law, spoken word from Zoe Pricelys Roy, Jayden Whitfield Williams, Jordan Smith, Takaiya Blaney, Sarain Fox, and Rebecca Wolf-Gage.

Season 1, Episode 3

In this episode, Aboriginal Law scholar and practitioner Bruce McIvor speaks to the promise, and challenge, of pursuing Indigenous rights through the courts. We’ll look at the recent decisions on the Trans Mountain pipeline cases, backed by RAVEN supporters, and hear Bruce’s thoughts on how recent Wet'suwet'en decisions failed to honour the spirit of the Constitution. 


Season 1, Episode 4

Find out how Wet'suwet'en Nation are pushing back against fracked gas with a legal challenge calling out Coastal Gas Link for failing to care for the Indigenous People in whose territory they operate.

Season 1, Episode 5

Immerse yourself in the poetic worldview of Canada Research Chair, Dr. John Borrows. His discourse on the intersection of Indigenous and colonial law is richly adorned with the shapeshifting sounds of Jeremy Dutcher, a classically trained musician who takes 100 year old wax cylinder recordings of his Wolastoq ancestors, and sets them to soaring strings and vocals.  Enjoy a special Earth Day edition of RAVEN (De)Briefs - an affirming podcast that's sure to open hearts and arouse minds.


Season 1, Episode 6

This week we have a  live recording of the “We Are the Stronghold” benefit concert at Toronto’s Great Hall with Serena Ryder, Chantal Kreviazuk, Cris Derksen, and many more luminaries. Get a glimpse of the strength, unity and power that underlies the Indigenous resurgence that is challenging oppressive systems and remaking Canada.

Season1, Episode 7

Nikki Iyolo Sanchez has been a wilderness guide and environmental educator in the Nuu-chah-nulth territory of Clayoquot Sound for over 10 years, and  is currently overseeing the first ever Indigenous Storyteller edition with Telus STORYHIVE; a project to provide funding and mentorship for  emerging Indigenous filmmakers in BC and Alberta. All of this while she pursues a PhD with a research focus on emerging visual media technology as it relates to Indigenous ontology.