RAVEN - Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs


What is at stake for Indigenous Peoples is at stake for all of us —
the assurance that we will always have water to drink, a sustainable food source, and healthy ecosystems so all life can flourish.

Jess Housty, Heiltsuk Nation councillor on the strength of her Nation’s partnership with RAVEN

RAVEN is the only non-profit charitable organization in Canada that uses the power of the crowd to fund access to justice for Indigenous Peoples. We are unique, and we are having a direct impact  through our strategic + focussed campaigns. 

Defeating the odds and winning time and again in court, we’ve proven that the game-changing legal challenges that RAVEN funds can secure Indigenous rights and protect the environment.

Our diverse team are passionate, dedicated and committed to social change. This is a lean, efficient and hard-working organization that will stretch itself to achieve our goals: realizing a vision of a country that embraces the values of the First Nations.



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Secwepemc Reclaiming Land, Sustaining Culture

OF OUR $200,000 GOAL

Heiltsuk: Stand up for Coast Heroes

OF OUR $425,000 GOAL

Tsilhqot’in Nation: Save Teztan Biny (Fish Lake)

OF OUR $150,000 GOAL

Pull Together: The People vs. Kinder Morgan

OF OUR $700,000 GOAL

Protect Morrison Lake

OF OUR $250,000 GOAL

Tar Sands Trial

OF OUR $800,000 GOAL


We anticipate even greater victories in the courts of the land with the continued assistance of those who, like us, believe that our legal system should —  first and foremost — dispense justice based on the best evidence available regardless of wealth and power imbalances.


Your support can make a difference. Join us. 





Members of RAVEN's Circle of Allies

Partner Nations

RAVEN Supporters

We have provided support to 19 Nations through over a decade of working towards levelling the paying field and ensuring access to justice for Indigenous Peoples.

RAVEN’s support also means that Indigenous  nations do not have to divert funds away from critical community resources like housing, addiction services, infrastructure and health care.

“We’re a small community, we’re doing what we can to stop this project. We don’t have the resources that big corporations do, or the government has, so every little bit helps. We’re just so grateful for people helping. Every dollar that’s raised will help our communities and help our people take this stand.

~ Chief Marilyn Slett, Heiltsuk Nation

Victory Reports

RAVEN Victories

Our latest Annual Report is here! RAVEN conducted an audit in 2017, looking at our systems and financial operations in minute detail. It’s part of our commitment to scrupulously stewarding the precious funds that come our way so we can be as lean, mean and...
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