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Looking back on RAVEN’s humble beginnings, there’s no way we could have imagined coming so far, so fast, if it hadn’t been for the tremendous support of donors, online fundraisers, allied groups and community organizers.

With the defeat of Enbridge, the Kinder Morgan Federal Court win against Kinder Morgan and the Peel Watershed Supreme Court victory, we’ve proven that it’s exactly the kind of strategic legal challenges that RAVEN funds that can secure Indigenous rights and protect the environment. We’re small, we’re nimble, and like the mythical trickster raven, we’re not afraid to fly into the face of darkness where others are unwilling to go.  

Thanks to our committed donors and supporters, our strategic approach is working. Discover how far RAVEN has come on behalf of Indigenous justice. If we haven’t said it clearly enough: thank youThis is shaping up to be a landmark year: the challenges ahead will be easier to face knowing we have the solidarity and support of the circle of allies surrounding us.

My community has expanded so much through all the gentle warriors who have made this fight their own. Thank you for standing with us. There is no force in this country that is stronger than the community we’ve built.”

Jess Housty, Councillor, Heiltsuk First Nation

“We see RAVEN as the NGO best-placed to assist this First Nation because of its mandate to support First Nations by levelling the playing field when it comes to going head to head with government-assisted industrial expansion.”

Colin Baines, The Cooperative Bank of the U.K. , Social Goals Campaign Manager

“I’m donating because it’s clear to me that the time has come for settler people to stand with First Nations in defense of the land and waters. Many bows to the folks at RAVEN Trust for your determined action in defense of indigenous water protectors and all life.”

~ Benjamin, online donor

“First Nation Rights & Title is one of the most powerful drivers of conservation in Canada. Supporting First Nations’ ability to assert this power is one of the most effective pathways for halting unsustainable industrial development and driving systemic change. RAVEN is one of the only organizations providing this information and support to the Aboriginal People of Canada. A general support grant would help not only extend the organization’s reach, but also ensure its durability and continuity over time, which is critical to impact, and the conservation of both biological and cultural diversity.”

Christina Mormorunni, Leonardo de Caprio Foundation


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