Intergenerational Intersections: Salmon stories flow with Roger William and Trevor Mack

You know the real thing when you see it. 

Witnessing the flow of intergenerational knowledge that passed between Chief Roger William and Trevor Mack was a shot of genuine inspiration. 

For anyone who needs a bit of help to scrape together kindling enough to light the fires of hope: may we suggest taking in this conversation? 

After an opening song and story with Sierra William, Mack and Chief Roger, we heard from the venerable elder who led his people in resistance to clearcut logging and open-pit mining. In dialogue with Tsilhqot’in story weaver Trevor Mack, William laid out a 3-punch, knock-out strategy: beginning with the creation of the Nemiah Declaration, to the blockade of roads and bridges, and finally to the Supreme Court victories that kicked out Taseko Mines and established Aboriginal Title to sacred Teztan Biny.

The intricacies of how Tsilhqot’in warriors Nation fought Big Mining — and won — are an object lesson in strategy and perseverance. Learning how the Nation is uplifting their youth through cultural exchange and ceremony beautifully illuminates the simple idea that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. 

Folks on Salt Spring Island were fortunate enough to enjoy a feast with fresh caught salmon — fished by Mack using the traditional dip-net method on the Chilco River — along with salads featuring the staple foods of Indigenous Turtle Island. Wild rice, corn, beans and quinoa accompanied succulent sockeye cooked on the grill to perfection. 

Victoria’s sustainable apparel manufacturers ecologyst hosted Mack and William the following night in their lovely flagship shop on Johnson Street. We’re so grateful to them for hosting, and to Barb’s Buns, Country Grocer, and Bangin’Masala Chai for donating food and drinks for us to enjoy. 

Along with raising our spirits, the events raised over $5k and brought together some great people to (re)kindle friendships and spark new connections. 

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