Apply for Intervention Funding

About the Intervenor Fund Application

RAVEN’s mission is to raise legal defence funds to assist Indigenous Peoples who enforce their rights and title to protect their traditional territories and the natural environment. For your application to be considered, it must fall within RAVEN’s mandate.


This application is intended specifically for those applicants who wish to intervene in legal challenges brought by other parties. Eligible applicants include Indigenous Nations governed under traditional governance; Indian Act bands; and Indigenous groups, organizations and NGO’s (e.g. Treaty 6 Tribal Association, Union of BC Indian Chiefs, the Association of Friendship Centres etc.)


Disbursements from the Intervenor Fund are capped at $20K per intervention.


Your application, once completed, will be reviewed by RAVEN’s Advisory Panel, which will make a recommendation to the RAVEN Board of Directors. The RAVEN Board of Directors will make the decision whether RAVEN can and will support your application.


The RAVEN Advisory Panel will review your application based on the following criteria:


(a) your proposed intervention must be in alignment with RAVEN’s mandate to support indigenous rights and governance, access to justice for Indigenous Peoples and protection of the environment for the benefit of all Canadians;
(b) your proposed intervention must meet the court criteria for interventions: 

(1) an intervenor must be directly affected by the case; and 

(2) the intervention must bring a novel and unique perspective, rather than merely restating the views of one of the parties or other intervenors.

(c) your proposed intervention must be strategic and be likely to result in a positive impact on Indigenous rights, governance and/or the environment.

How to Apply

Please complete Section 1 - Applicant in the form below, and have your legal counsel complete Section 2 - Legal Counsel. When you have checked that your application is complete, please email to acting Executive Director, Andrea Palframan, Andrea(at) or get in touch about alternative ways of submitting the application. Phone number 250-383-2331.


Our Advisory Panel will review your application and we'll let you know within 30-60 days whether we are able to support your intervention.