Luke Wallace and “Us”


Luke Wallace brings heart and guts to his performances, weaving audiences into his protest songs and creating a powerful sense of community with every show. He’s been around B.C. and Washington State, visiting ground zeroes where ill-conceived mega projects meet passionate community resistance. At every stop, he’s made live recordings, giving voice to the people and places he’s working to protect.


The result is an album called “Us”, part greatest-hits, part sing-along compilation album, all awesome. Luke launched his album with a fundraiser for RAVEN’s Pull Together campaign against Kinder Mogan in Vancouver, before hitting the road to bring his show to 40 towns and cities. We’re so grateful for Luke’s incredible support and for his staunch dedication to doing what he loves, to protect what he loves. Big ups to Luke Wallace : catch him on his tour if you can, and pick up a copy of “Us” : it’s the voice of a movement, in perfect harmony.

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