Lyn Chapman

“I’m a brand new grandmother,” says paddler Lyn Chapman. Here’s why she is paddling for the Peace:

“What a joy! What a responsibility. What motivates me is my desire to leave places of beauty, rich biodiversity and life sustaining capability for his and everyone’s future. The Peace River Valley is one such place. It’s unique microclimate and 16,000 acres of fertile valley bottom farmland can help feed a million people in perpetuity. This unique and rare valley bottom habitat sustains plant and wildlife in northeastern BC and Alberta and provides critical and irreplaceable winter and birthing habitat for large ungulates such as elk, moose and deer or large predators such as grizzly and black bear.

“This valley is the last best land left to the Treaty 8 people. It is their homeland. What makes me fiercely determined is knowing it does not need to be flooded! There are better, less costly, less damaging energy alternatives that Government has ignored! We cannot let this valley be flooded so people in the south can flip their light switch! Here are my closing remarks to the Joint Review Panel in Prince George, Dec 19th 2013.

BC Hydro would have us believe that the impacts and costs of Site C are unfortunate but are outweighed by the benefits. I say this is not so! There are better solutions to meet our energy needs.

BC Hydro has failed to recognize how unique and irreplaceable the Peace River Valley really is – it is NOT just another valley and it is definitely NOT a wise or acceptable site for a 3rd dam.  I say that the Peace River Valley has born enough of the burden of Hydroelectric development for this province and must not suffer further harms!”

Thank you Lyn for standing with First Nations and defending our common future.

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