Making the Impossible, Possible

Our incredible community of Indigenous leaders and emboldened allies have already achieved the unthinkable — from quashing Trudeau’s Trans Mountain pipeline dreams last summer to standing our ground by raising an amazing $137,000 for First Nations’ court challenges since July. Way to go Pull Together!

Huge shoutout to this incredible ongoing online fundraisers!

Queers for Qlimate Justice are just a few hundred dollars shy of their $6k goal!  Plums not Pipelines reached their goal of $300! Anna Kraulis is steadily climbing toward their goal of $800, the BassNest Halloween house party in Victoria raised over $1200 nearing their $1,500 goal! Green Kegs and Ham comedy show is pulling together funds as well, along with Team Cascadia who has a mighty goal of raising $30k! The Commercial Drag Family has set out to raise $1k for Pull Together too. 

Raven’s campaign, the Pull Together movement is in it for the long haul; we know that climate justice and reconciliation takes some serious heavy lifting. So we are raising the bar with the goal to fundraise a total of $400,000 to support First Nations asserting their rights in court. The secret to fundraising success is YOU and the joy in this growing, visionary community. Will you sign up to organize an event today? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has attempted to push through this shoddy pipeline project without consent. But let’s not forget that court cases filed by the Squamish, Tsleil Waututh and Coldwater Nations are still standing in his way.  As of two months ago, First Nations became the last litigants still challenging Trans Mountain in the courts. The court is expediting their actions, meaning a ruling could come as soon as February next year. Putting our full support behind Indigenous Nations is now our best chance for stopping this project. The best part is that we are not alone in this movement for Indigenous rights and a thriving coast.


Folks are organizing a “Pancakes not Pipelines” event in Seattle and a “Pushback on Petro” dance party in Vancouver on November 16th. See all events, and sign up to organize your own, here.


Businesses are getting on board too. During the Week to End TMX, from November 27th-December 3rd, Oddfellows CafeModo Yoga Burnaby and Cheekbone Beauty are among the incredible businesses who are committed to donating a portion of proceeds to Pull Together. If you are a business owner or have a favorite business in mind you want to join Pull Together, sign up here. Indigenous Nations are gaining significant legal ground, forever changing the landscape of human and environmental rights. After the federal election, BC introduced a bill to adopt the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. We are thrilled to see these efforts. We also remain vigilant in requiring meaningful action behind expressions for reconciliation.  Pull Together has always been about beating the odds, and making the impossible possible. While Indigenous Nations are significantly outspent by Big Oil and government in the courts, they have still won victory after victory.

Again and again this community has knocked it out of the park with creative, fierce, joyful actions.

Join us as we continue to stand alongside Coldwater, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations with unwavering dedication to see our commitments through to support their legal actions.

P.S. We’re determined to match our fundraising efforts to the unrelentingcommitment we have to support Indigenous rights and a healthy environment by stopping TMX. While we heed the call to action by those whose lands we live on, we are creating a powerful community in the process.


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