Meet the Nations Fighting Kinder Morgan

There’s been a lot of grieving, soul-searching, and head shaking since Trump was elected and, in rapid succession, the Kinder Morgan pipeline was approved last fall.

But it’s springtime now,  and the world is waking up after a long, dark winter. We’re super stoked to announce that the Pull Together campaign has raised over $185,000 in only a few months.

Last week on Haida Gwaii the community held a victory party to mark the defeat of the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. We at Pull Together are incredibly proud to have played a part in securing the legal win that led to the cancellation of that pipeline and tankers project, and set a precedent that may  help us win this next pipeline battle.

“This project was a testament to the fact that our voices together changed the course of history,” says Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson, Gid7ahl-Gudsllaay, general counsel to the Council of the Haida Nation.

When we hear the stories of communities feasting, sharing the bounty of the coast, and celebrating how, together, we beat Big Oil — we’re filled with a sense of renewal, of possibility, and of potency. Hope springs eternal…

And it’s time for us all to get springing.

To prevent disaster in their territories, the Coldwater Band and Tsleil-Waututh Nation are challenging the federal government’s decision to approve Kinder Morgan in court. To beat Enbridge, regular people helped Pull Together raise $600,000 – and we’re doing it again! We’ve raised almost $200K in only a few short months, but fighting oil giants and governments is expensive so there’s more work to do.


In this video, meet two of the Nations that are standing strong against Kinder Morgan: Coldwater and Tsleil-Waututh. We urge you to watch and help us share this video far and wide, so people who love this planet —wherever they live— hear from these Nations and are inspired to get involved.

Will you reach out to your friends, family, and the people you work with to jump in on the awesome wave that is this movement to defend our coast? It’s not about simply stopping Kinder Morgan — although we keep our eyes firmly fixed on that prize. It’s also the poetry of connection: of people and places that leads to a strong and grounded movement for justice that can never be extinguished.

With almost 30 Pull Together events already held, 50 online fundraisers, and 20+ businesses all working hard to fundraise for Indigenous legal challenges to Kinder Morgan, we’re 1/3rd of the way to our $500k goal. The momentum is building.  Now we need you to unleash YOUR passion and help pump up the volume on Pull Together: the People vs. Kinder Morgan!

Have you already donated? Consider setting up an online fundraiser or hosting an event at your home, where you work or in your community.

Already fundraising online? Promote your page by sharing this video and asking your friends and family to help you meet your goal.

Have a fabulous fundraising idea but need help to make it fly? Contact our amazing team of organizers and we’ll help you with materials, promotion, and mustering volunteers to rock it.

Winter is over. Let’s meet Spring with gusto, together— and make the future one of community feasts and sweet solidarity.

Together we can do this.

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