RAVEN - Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs

Mateada Lounge hosts “Raven People Rising” for an evening about herring, orcas + a healthy ocean

Herring feed Chinook. Chinook feed Orcas. This connection and the protection of Herring populations off the coast of B.C. cannot be overlooked. Join us for an evening to deepen your understanding of precious Herring and learn about what the Heiltsuk Nation is doing to uphold an unbroken lineage of teachings that powerfully connect people to...
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United Against Racism March 21

Today, March 21 2019, the world will #UniteAgainstRacism. Just as our movement thrives from diversity, care for the Earth and strong relationships across cultures, the movement to deny climate emergency allies itself with the forces of polarization, fear and neglect for our fellow beings. The perpetrator of Friday’s horrific Mosque attack in New Zealand was...
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Looking for a Development Coordinator for RAVEN

JOB POSTING:  DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR  RAVEN is growing and we are hiring someone for our team who loves our mission and loves fundraising!   POSITION SUMMARY: Under the direction of the Development Director, the Development Coordinator is responsible for raising $500k per year. About RAVEN: RAVEN is a small but mighty registered charity with a mission...
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Indigenous Empowerment and the Canadian Economy

This article by resource lawyer Bill Gallagher originally appeared in “The Lawyers Daily” at https://www.thelawyersdaily.ca/articles/9472/indigenous-empowerment-and-canadian-economy Until Canadians realize that our collective prosperity is totally connected to Indigenous prosperity, we’ll continue to pay through the nose as project after project demands government intervention and or taxpayer bailouts. We’ve witnessed the climax of Indigenous empowerment in Canada...
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