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Indigenous Empowerment and the Canadian Economy

This article by resource lawyer Bill Gallagher originally appeared in “The Lawyers Daily” at https://www.thelawyersdaily.ca/articles/9472/indigenous-empowerment-and-canadian-economy Until Canadians realize that our collective prosperity is totally connected to Indigenous prosperity, we’ll continue to pay through the nose as project after project demands government intervention and or taxpayer bailouts. We’ve witnessed the climax of Indigenous empowerment in Canada...
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Carbon offsets for Indigenous rights

A big part of why we love our jobs is meeting the incredible people from the RAVEN community. Today we’d like you to meet one of them. Gordon Bailey is a long-time activist, volunteer and RAVEN supporter. He also likes to travel. We were inspired by his creative idea of carbon offsets for Indigenous rights,...
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RAVEN Victories

Our latest Annual Report is here! RAVEN conducted an audit in 2017, looking at our systems and financial operations in minute detail. It’s part of our commitment to scrupulously stewarding the precious funds that come our way so we can be as lean, mean and effective as possible. Read about our accomplishments in 2017, from...
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Tsilhqot’in Nation Secures Injunction Preventing Taseko From Commencing Drilling Program Until Appeal is Determined

In a decision released from the bench, the Court of Appeal granted an injunction to the Tsilhqot’in, effectively stopping exploratory drilling and road building by Taseko Mines. The court found that the likelihood of Taseko being able to meet its 2020 deadline was in “substantial doubt.” It accepted that there was a serious issue to...
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