On Strike for the Climate: At Work for the Future

The anticipation is building: in city after city, around the world, millions of people are joining forces and taking to the streets to demand climate justice. Climate strikes, led by youth, are disrupting business as usual in a unified demand for justice. 


At RAVEN, we focus on the intersection of Indigenous rights and climate justice. At this crucial moment, we are proud to be in solidarity with youth taking action for a safe climate. 

The climate crisis won’t wait, so neither will we.  Find a climate action near you

Over the coming week, look out for daily actions on RAVEN’s Instagram and Facebook pages, and check out the News section on our website to see ways you can support climate action while strengthening Indigenous rights.

  • In addition to joining mass mobilizations in your area, consider the ways these champions are supporting the movement for climate justice:
  • Robin Susanto donated a day’s wages to RAVEN, saying “Instead of striking for the climate, I am working for it. I am donating my day’s pay because I am supporting the First Nations who are fighting against the TMX pipeline.”
  • A group of citizens from Puget Sound calling themselves “Team Cascadia” set up an online fundraising team to raise funds for RAVEN  – https://fundraise.raventrust.com/team/245912
  • Queers for Climate Justice raised $3k for Indigenous legal challenges https://fundraise.raventrust.com/queersforqlimatejustice

As we move into a week of climate action, can you deepen your commitment to RAVEN? 

Thank you for all you do to keep the climate crisis at bay.  

As millions of people sound the alarm —  that climate inaction is no longer an option — we’re so grateful to you for joining hands with RAVEN to build a sustainable and just future.

PS: We’ve got an action a day from September 21 to 27th: follow us on Instagram or Facebook to get strategic action advice from Indigenous climate leaders like Pam Palmater and Eriel Deranger.  


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